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on-site by the coffee nerds at Davis, along with presentations from outside scientists, various coffee-industry thinkers, and the aforemen- tioned chocolate and wine folks for a little palate cleanser. As Cafe Imports' chief content creator, managing editor, and res- ident school-loving geek, I was chosen to attend this year's summit, and I couldn't wait to allow my mind to sponge up all the information and fl avors so I could wring it out and share with my work family the following Monday. So I packed a bag with considerably fewer layers than I have been wearing at home lately, left plenty of space to bring home chocolate and coffee (at least), and boarded a fl ight out west to see what I could taste and learn. T H U R S D AY, J A N U A RY 2 4 Downtown Davis is a quintessentially college town with its abun- dant beer-and-burger joints, bicycle shops, funky thrift shops, and requisite "nice" restaurants for when the parental units come to visit. Coffee-wise, it's also a next-door neighbor to Sacramento, aka the home of Temple Coffee Roasters, which is obviously where I kicked off my two (and a half) days of fl avor extravaganza. Ordering a single-estate Costa Rica pourover and an espresso fl agged me as a coffee person, and the barista asked, "Oh, are you in town for the coffee event?" as he started on my shot. I nodded sheepishly and proceeded to get two more coffees over the 90 minutes I spent at the café answering emails and trying to really get in touch with my tastebuds. Later in the afternoon, I walked across downtown and ventured onto the UC Davis campus to the Welcome Center, where we were set to check in for our badges, receive a schedule, get our bearings, grab a drink, and start to connect with the other fl avor-savorers who had made the trip out for the weekend. Opening remarks started at 4 p.m., with a welcome message from Peter Giuliano, the Specialty Coffee Association's chief research offi cer and all-around lover of science, followed by other voices from UC Davis as well as the Cof- fee Roasters Guild. After opening statements and a quick buffet-style dinner, we mo- seyed over to the Robert Mondavi Institute Sensory Building theater for our fi rst taste of taste science with "Winemaking and the Art of the Blend," a session exploring how winemakers assess quality and characteristics of wines and use that information when crafting more balanced or complex profi les through blending. We tasted solutions meant to calibrate our palates to some of the characteristics that are sought after in wine—viscosity, sweetness, etc.—and then tasted sam- ples of three different reds to see which had what desirable elements to create a blend that married them perfectly. The fi rst session proved that we were starting off on a few days that would prove the city of Davis' motto as the "City of All Things Right and Relevant," as the roasters in the room nodded and said quietly to themselves, "Ohhh, of course. Just like coffee!" F R I D AY, J A N U A RY 2 5 Bright-eyed and ready for caffeine and a heap of fl avor knowledge, we all gathered the next morning for rotating-roaster coffee service brewed by volunteers on La Marzocco and Wilbur Curtis machines, along with tea and infusions offered by Rishi Tea. Brewed coff ee was also available thanks to Wilbur Curtis, which is also a major contributor to the ongoing UC Davis Coff ee Center building renovation. Volunteers made Chemex a er Chemex for the a endees of Sensory Summit. Rishi Tea infusions were also available in the lobby. 38 barista magazine

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