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HOW TO BECOME A MORE CONFIDENT COFFEE TASTER ARTICLE BY ANA MALLOZZI PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOSHUA VASKO THE SCIENCE OF HOW WE TASTE OR O f all our senses, taste is arguably the most misunderstood. Historically, eating has been about survival; few cultures put an emphasis on learn- ing how to describe what they were tasting. As a result, we might say a candy smells sweet and tastes like cherry, when in fact we can't smell sweet (that's a taste) and we can't taste cherry (that's a fl avor). This may seem like a trivial issue of semantics, but it's actually what trips people up most at the cupping table. If you've ever found yourself unable to say more about a coffee than "it's kind of chocolatey?" you're not alone. By understanding more about the science behind taste, and how it differs from fl avor, we can become more comfortable articulating the experience of drinking coffee and more confi dent in our descriptions. 91

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