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Continued on page 20 Double Decker If you play your cards right, you'll have a chance to get your hands on two brand-new (and very different) custom card decks by coffee professionals on both sides of "the pond." The first is a gorgeous kit of 52 playing cards that is the debut product of a collaborative project called Tens Hundreds Thousands, the brainchild of Square Mile Coffee (U.K.) cofounder–slash–past World Barista Champion James Hoffmann, and Michael Losada. (What's with the project's name, you ask? "We'll be producing single runs of limited-edition things in varying amounts," James says. "Plenty more stuff is in the works!") Original art by Jose Berrio and Julian Ardila decks the deck, which took a few months to get just right, but it was worth the wait: The back of each card has a beautiful illustration of coffee plants in bloom and berry, and the face cards represent some of the significant players in the supply chain—farmer, roaster, barista—as well as a "joker" that ties all three together. The Tens Hundreds Thousands cards are available on the project's website for £12 and "we've tried to make shipping worldwide as cheap as possible," James says. (Forget the poker face and pick yourself up one of the few remaining playing-card Tshirts while you're there, too.) Speaking of worth the wait, currently in-progress is a deck that also deals with a kind of fortune, but not the kind that comes at the blackjack table: Longtime coffee pro and director of coffee for Boston's Pavement Coffee Wolf Marnell has been building a custom set of tarot cards—and while they don't have anything obviously to do with coffee in the imagery ("The deck features one of my cats, DJ Scruffy Cat, embodying the archetypes of tarot in a science-fiction setting," Wolf says), it's still got plenty of caffeinated cred: Wolf recently won the new Northeast Roaster Forum competition by using the stars in his favor. "I used astrology to choose the exact time for the winning roast, and woke up at 4 a.m. to make sure I nailed the astrological chart and the profile," he says. The deck isn't ready yet, but astral fans can follow Wolf on Instagram for updates. • @tarotwolf Nothing Flimsy About Floozy Coffee It's one thing to recognize the gender discrepancies that exist in the coffee industry, and quite another to do something about it—but that's just what a pair of friends named Cill and Kmac chose when they opened their microroastery, Floozy Coffee, in 2017 in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. The company's mission is to shine a light on the very real contributions that women make along the entire length of the coffee value chain, from the literal ground up. It should come as no surprise, then, that this year Cill and Kmac had a special idea for International Women's Day, this past March 8. The holiday, which was first celebrated in honor of women's suffrage being granted in Soviet Russia in 1917, has since come to symbolize women's rights and advancement around the world. To mark the day this year, Floozy designed a special espresso blend comprising two women- grown coffees, the sales of which helped raise funds for the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA). "I recently completed my master's in economic and regional development, and wrote my thesis on women's land rights in the coffee sector," Cill says, and Floozy released a copy of the paper concurrently with the blend "with the hope that it will spread and highlight the chronic need for gendered research in the sector." That research is one of the very things on which IWCA focuses its efforts, and Floozy's contribution not only raises some much-needed money for the work, but also recognition for the organization on an international scale. Custom coff ee cards: At top, Wolf Marnell's tarot cards featuring DJ Scruff y Cat, and below, playing cards from James Hoff mann and Tens Hundreds Thousands. Floozy owners Cill Fisher (le ) and Kristy Mujana (Kmac). 18 barista magazine

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