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28 barista magazine F O A M : T E C H N O L O G Y BARATZA CELEBRATES FOUR DECADES OF THE GRIND TWENTY YEARS AGO, Kyle Anderson and Kyra Kennedy formed the grinder company Baratza. Funny enough, this enduring company never would have started without an entirely different piece of coffee equipment: the espres- so machine. The story begins in 1989, when Kyle and an associate founded Acorto, manufacturer of the fi rst commercial superautomatic espres- so machine that steamed milk and brewed espresso. Kyra joined the company to work in sales, and eventually the pair developed an interest in the growing home-espresso market. Soon, a plan was launched: They would leave Acorto to form a new venture importing home espresso machines—and the occasional home grinder—from Swiss manufacturer Solis to the United States. They called this new company Baratza, but the focus of the venture would soon shift as Kyle became more interested in Solis' grinders than its espresso machines. An inventor by nature, Kyle saw an opportunity to improve on the Solis grinder, and he began experimenting with a new model with improved reliability and adjustability. The resulting grinder was the Maestro, the fi rst piece of equipment manufactured by Baratza. Released in 2001, the grinder charted a course for the company: Soon, Baratza would cease importing equipment and solely create grinders for the consumer. "Since 2005 we have been completely focused on the home-grinder market with the goal of helping coffee enthu- siasts brew better-tasting coffee at home, by grinding fresh," says Kyra. In 2019, the Seattle-based company is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and Baratza has been at work for those two decades helping people make high-quality coffee at home, with the pleasant surprise of becoming a useful tool in the café, as well. "Our formula is quite sim- ple: Listen to what people want, then deliver it to them," says Kyle. While Baratza has always sought to develop, state-of-the-art grinders, the machines have become more versatile and innovative as the in- dustry has matured and customers' desires for grinder functions have further developed. The Preciso model released in 2010 introduced the macro-/microgrind-adjust system for fast and repeatable grind adjustments, while the Esatto and Vario-W, which came out the following year, launched Baratza's Grind by Weight System. The company approaches product develop- ment as a collaborative process that is informed largely by customer demands but executed by a global team. For example, take Baratza's latest line, the Sette Series, which includes the Sette 270 that grinds by time, and the Sette 270Wi, a collaboration with scale-maker Acaia, that grinds by weight. To bring these grind- ers to life, Baratza industrial engineer David Littrell helped construct the grinder shape; Christian Etzinger—of Liechtenstein-based grinder manufacturer Etzinger—perfected the grinding technology; and partners in Europe and Asia assembled the grinders. "Our prod- ucts are a synthesis of great teamwork here in Seattle, Taiwan, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Liechtenstein," Kyle says. "We have not and could not do it alone. We consider ourselves very fortunate to fi nd clever people around the Kyle Anderson (le ), cofounder of grinder manufacturer Baratza, shows the fi rst release of the Se e 270W to the company's importers in Romania and the Czech Republic during the 2016 World of Coff ee in Dublin, Ireland. Baratza, which Kyle started with Kyra Kennedy in 1999, is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary of off ering high-quality grinders geared toward consumers. S P O N S O R E D B Y Keep your beverage menu FRESH and appealing by making the most of the INGREDIENTS that already exist in your café and using the EQUIPMENT you already have in your store. new in 2019 O N L Y A T To learn more, visit #coffeefest #coffeefestla LOS ANGELES August 25-27, 2019 LA Convention Center next in R 05/01/19 ONE BADGE. THREE SHOWS.

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