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Stuff Dee loves Barista Kit from Decent Espresso, modified Deezy-style I love stuff Dee Traylor, aka Walt Deezy Founder, owner, barista Rosalind Coffee Brooklyn, N.Y. How did your modified kit come about? I found this case on and asked myself, "How can I Deezy this up?" So I made more cuts in the foam so I could carry more pitchers, scales, grinders, and the occasional firework. Why do you love it? I love it because I love being able to make a consistent coffee drink. The being pretty with latte art is cool, but the coffee tasting good is better. How does it make you better at your job? The case helps me keep myself accountable because of how often I travel. And it's important to me that I am not known only as the latte art guy, but as an all- around beast who truly cares about the craft. What do your coffee friends think about it? My friends think it's over the top but it wouldn't be Deezy if it wasn't over the top. Any suggestions for people who might want to trick out their own barista case? First go to the Decent Espresso website and buy the suitcase. The stuff that comes in it is great but I would suggest making it your own by including your favorite pitchers or cups; make slots for them in the foam. Be creative and it will transfer to all parts of your game. That's what I do. PHOTO BY JAY KEY WOOD WRIST RELIEF The revolutionary straight-in portafilter is here. The La Marzocco KB90 was created to ease the workflow in busy caf├ęs; its most innovative feature eliminates the need for the bayonet-ring twist, thus reducing the possibility of barista wrist by a factor of 12. Offering workflow efficiency, the KB90 is also equipped with a drip prediction algorithm that stops beverage output at your desired volume. It also has a function called group steam flush, automatically bursting steam and a flush of hot water through the grouphead after each extraction, no backflush necessary, so you can focus on making a perfect beverage. AFTERNOON PICK-UP Refreshers is an innovative new caffeinated drink from Dr. Smoothie, and it's quickly gaining popularity as a jump-start coffeehouse drink for sluggish afternoons and fueling consumers with active lifestyles. Conceived as a less-caffeinated alternative to coffee for the afternoon dip, Refreshers make use of green-coffee extract (GCE) to foster a natural increase in energy without the "roasted" taste of coffee. Each drink contains an amount of caffeine approximately equal to a cup of tea. Further, several of the flavors, such as Cucumber Mint and the soon-to-be-released Blood Orange Coconut Ginger, were created to complement recent flavor trends. 60 barista magazine

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