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1 Hobbies: • Traveling • Spacing out ("I am excited to have time to do that!") If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you bring? My three friends! Any pets? I don't have pets in my home but there is one cute cat that wanders every day around MOMOS Coffee. His name is Heart because he has a pattern like heart on his back. All the baristas love him. We always prepare a meal and snack for him every day. First thing you wanted to do when your WBC fi nals performance ended: I just wanted to lie down on the stage. I was the last presentation in the schedule, so I had to wait for a very long time. Anyone you would like to thank? As everyone knows, to make the perfect presentation on the stage in competition, there is so much effort and dedication [be- hind the scenes] from the team members. I got so much help from so many people that I can't list all of them. If they weren't there, I would not be the champion now. Hometown: Busan, South Korea • Age: 32 WBC coffee: Colombia: La Palma y El Tucan, Natural Sidra Company: MOMOS COFFEE PHOTO BY PAIGE HICKS TOURNAMENT OF THE YEAR

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