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4 Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia Age: 29 Company: Common Grounds Coffee Roaster + the ST ALi Coffee Family WBC coffee: • Espresso: Panama: Finca Deborah, Gesha, washed carbonic maceration • Milk drink: Ethiopia: Guji "Jasper," heirloom, whole-cherry natural carbonic maceration • Signature drink: Indonesia: North Su- matra, Wahana Estate, Longberry, washed carbonic maceration Hobbies: • Morning runs • Cooking and wine with friends If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you bring? • Water • A good book • A good knife First thing you wanted to do when your WBC fi nals performance ended: I honestly just wanted to sleep right there. It has been a long few months leading up to the WBC. Mikael would like to thank: Everyone who has worked so hard behind the scenes, from my closest friends and family, the roastery team, my colleagues, coaches, the people who made my milk, the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia, and the Barista Guild of Indonesia. I have the easy job of pushing buttons on stage. These people were the ones who were so selfl ess in helping me get up there. LIVE FROM BOSTON PHOTO BY PAIGE HICKS

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