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6 BATTLE OF THE CHAMPIONS PHOTO BY PAIGE HICKS WBC coffee: • Espresso: Brazil: Daterra, Laurina, semi- carbonic maceration • Milk drink: Uganda: Mzungu Project, SL14 & Nyasaland, Gardelli process • Signature drink: Costa Rica: Sardinal, H1, anaerobic Hobbies: Coffee started as a hobby and became my job that became my life. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you bring? • A big encyclopedia so that I can spend my time reading it • A lot of coffee seeds to plant so that I can have coffee • A pan to roast the coffee Favorite moment of this year's WBC in Boston: Backstage meeting all the baristas. It was very friendly this year and everybody tried to help each other. Mathieu would like to thank: • Emi Fukahori in particular was with me every day taking care of all the details to make it perfect. • My coach Ben Put who always believes in me and pushes me to do better. • Backstage, Miki Suzuki and Tetsu Kasuya supported me so much with help tasting coffees and polishing. Hometown: Zurich, Switzerland Age: 37 Company: MAME

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