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THERE'S A SCENE in the campy summer teen fl ick 22 Jump Street when Jonah Hill's character—a cop working undercover at a high school to bust a drug ring—calls a student on the phone. She's confused: Who uses the phone to make phone calls? It's not just teenagers who've made call- ing obsolete in favor of Instagram. "I rarely call or text anyone," says blogger and Insta- grammer Jules Denby. "I basically pay $100 a month to use Instagram." She speaks the truth: Last year Instagram users surpassed the 1 billion members mark. What's more, author Todd Clarke reports in the Hootsuite article "Instagram Stats that Marketers Can't Ignore This Year," published March 5, 2019, that more than 500 million use it every day. Those numbers alone are reason enough to start an Instagram account for your café or roastery. Then again, how can you make your profi le stand out on a plat- form oversaturated with velvety rosettas and #latteart? Let's take a look at four retail companies with killer Instagram content. New York City's Birch Coffee breaks up photos of cafés and coffee farms on their feed with candids of customers and baristas. Intelli- gentsia Coffee's Instagram indulges sleek pops of red and black color. La Marzocco Café in Seattle puts the spotlight on its unique Roasters in Residence program, while never straying far from the machines and history that made the brand legend- ary. Finally, Verve Coffee brings Northern California surf culture and coffee to life with such images and hashtags as #farmlevelto- streetlevel and #vervepups. "If I'm in a city I've never been to, I can go on Google Maps and look for a coffee shop, but I don't really know what I'm gonna fi nd," says Benjamin Kanes, content creator and social media manager for Birch Coffee, which has 10 locations and more than 21,000 Insta- gram followers. "If I do that same search on Instagram [and fi nd a coffee company that is] using Instagram well, I'll get a great feeling for who they are, what kind of community they're engaged with and what kind of prod- uct they sell from their posts." Jenna Chandler is a freelance marketer and photographer for the La Marzocco Café in Seattle. She says that part of her Insta- gram mission is to share the rich history of La Marzocco with customers who might not know the full story behind their morning cup. "[We're] talking about our machines, our history, our Roasters in Residence, and our team. I love to post intros for new staff members, group shots of our team, and things like that," she continues. "A lot of the company's history is kind of secretly placed in the café as well." Representing your café and the story and people behind it is part of a strong Insta- gram presence, but using the platform to foster community is where it really takes off. "It's a wonderful way to connect with people. It's relatively simple for guests or customers to reach you, to ask questions," says Jenna. "It's also a great way for you to show appreciation to them—to those who have taken the time to visit and share on Instagram about their visit." G E T T I N G S T A R T E D You don't need a marketing team and slew of photographers to take your café's Insta- gram to the next level. The content creators for these four Instagram profi les have boiled their recipe for success—which can be measured in engagement and number of followers—down to authenticity, consistency, quality, and interaction. "Check your branding fi rst," says Jenn Chen, a freelance writer, photographer, and digital-marketing coach. "Make sure all of your social handles match to not confuse anyone, especially if you're just establishing yourself." This is important if you have more than one café or if you share a name with an unaf- fi liated café. Make sure your Instagram han- dle and hashtags are consistent and unique to your business to improve searchability. Next, embrace what makes your café au- r c si n e ss e s t h i n g t e a m s a n d p h o t o g r a p h e r s t o s o u r c e t h e i r I n s t a g r a m m a t e r i a l, y o u c a n e a sil y c r e a t e n c o n sis t e n t p h o t o s t h a t a r e f a i t h ful t o y o u r r a n t h a p h o n e . 90 barista magazine

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