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What do you hope to gain from having an Instagram presence? A. Do we even have an Instagram? B. More followers, but we don't know how. C. We have a modest follower base, but we want to do more. D. We already have a marketing strategy/team—what else is there? Do you use hashtags that are unique, and if so, do you use them regularly? A. We haven't used hashtags. B. We have in the past, but not consistently. C. We use hashtags, but how do we keep our content from getting buried? D. We are #masters. How often do you post? A. Maybe a few times a month if we can. B. We post a few times a week. C. We try to post 5–7 times a week. D. We post every day at times when our followers are engaging the most. Do your posts add value to your customers' feeds? A. Maybe/we don't know what to post. B. We think so, but would be open to learning about photo apps to help our content. C. Yes, but we want to relate more of our café's values and story. D. We have a marketing #masterplan. Do you celebrate your followers by replying to comments, showing your appreciation, or doing giveaways? A. We don't read or respond to our followers' comments. B. We try to read comments but we don't know how to do giveaways. C. We reply to most all comments and have done giveaways, but we want to do more. D. We've done all of that with great results. R E SUL T S If you answered mostly As: This article is for you! If you're just starting out or have let your café Instagram lapse, start by focusing on consistency. Committing to even three posts a week is a good jumping-off point. Yes, you can make fine content with just an iPhone. Start getting your posts out there! If you answered mostly Bs: This article is going to help you grow your Instagram! Sounds like you're posting semi-consistently but could use some more tools to level up. Consider VSCO and Adobe Lightroom for photo editing. Play around with the editing tools available through the Instagram app itself. Later and Planoly are both apps to help you schedule content. Check out our sidebar on "How To Host an Instagram Giveaway." If you answered mostly Cs: You're off and running! You can get some pointers from this article, but you know the basics of consistency and quality. The next step is to dig into what makes your place of business unique as a café and community. Use a hashtag specific to your café or coffee culture. Try using Instagram Stories to give some behind-the- scenes glimpses of your team, a new drink on the menu, or customer appreciation. Partner up with like-minded brands for giveaways and to reach a wider audience. If you answered mostly Ds: Yay! Sounds like you have an amazing Instagram strategy already in place. If you've got your brand voice and aesthetics handled, make sure you're listening to and reflecting your community. Partner up with groups that align with your values for Live takeovers and customer- appreciation stories. Host and document some fun events. T H E I N S T A G R A M H E A L T H Q UI Z F O R Y O U R C A F É 92 barista magazine

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