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Moises Herrera + Marysabel Caballero HONDURAN PRODUCERS AT THE TOP OF THEIR GAME By Ever Meister MASTER THERE ARE A LOT of really wonderful people in our industry, but Marysabel Caballero and Moi- ses Herrera are two who truly put the "special" in "specialty coffee." The couple, who own one of Honduras' most famous farms, Finca El Puente, are more than simply Cup of Excellence (CoE) winners and innovators in experimental varieties and adoption of technology in production; they are also some of the most open and open-minded, curious, friendliest, and funniest people any coffee professional could dream of meeting. They are also the perfect balance for each other: Marysabel grew up on her family's farms and is deeply romantic about the beauty of a life in coffee, while Moises entered the business in his 20s from a strictly professional point of view, working in exports and managing mills. Together, they are a true dream team: Passion and practicality with a heaping helping of generosity and plenty of good humor, wrapped up in a combo that happens to put out exquisite coffee year after year. It hasn't al- ways been easy for them along the way, but Moises and Marysabel are also consummate students of coffee, and their willingness to share what they've learned with others is another testament to their status as true treasures to all who know them. If you haven't had the pleasure to make their acquaintance yet, we're thrilled to introduce you to them here, through a conversation we had with them over SCA Expo weekend in Boston. 95

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