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16 barista magazine T I P J A R COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, LOVE, AND HATE PHONE: 800.296.9108 FAX: 971.223.3659 TIPJAR@BARISTAMAGAZINE.COM Barista Magazine offi ce, I am never going to compete in a World Barista Championship or a U.S. coffee competition, but I still really enjoy the WBC coverage published every year in your pages. We are a small coffee shop in a pretty rural area. Sometimes we forget that there is a big world of coffee out there! I enjoy the pictures and details about the WBC be- cause it inspires me and reminds me that what I do every day is important. Also, the posters y'all made of each fi nalist as boxers was cool [June + July 2019]! I can't wait to see what happens at the WBC next year. Celina Paredes Beaufort, S.C. When the WBC was on the livestream, a bunch of my barista friends and I had a late-night party and watched it—we loved the woman from South Korea who won! She was incredi- ble. Wow. I wanted to know more about her but no one ever wrote about her until Barista, and we are grateful. I especially liked the article [June + July 2019] and learning more about her. She is just a normal person who was really passionate and determined. I can get behind that! Thank you for the article and for always keeping us informed. Molly Dhai Billings, Mont. RJ Joseph is my favorite Barista Magazine writer. RJ writes about important issues in coffee, not to mention, the world, today. Burnout is a big problem for baristas, and the combo article by RJ and Emily Orendorff [June + July 2019] was so great. I shared it with all of my coworkers because I felt like it was really important and it addressed stuff that sometimes we feel silly bringing up to our boss. Articles like this legitimize what problems we have and help to convince our boss to listen to us because she trusts Barista Magazine. We will be excited to see all the other stories by RJ to come. Shiloh Clarke San Antonio, Texas The quiz with the story ["Like Is a Battlefi eld," June + July 2019] about how to do Instagram was way cool! My baristas showed it to me— they had a lot of fun with it. They are constantly trying to help me spruce up our Instagram ac- count, but it's just not something I am very good at (makes me feel old!). The quiz was fun but really, the article had so much great information in it. I actually wrote down notes about things I should be doing, and the different people at my café who might be good at handling it. I really, really am glad about this article. I feel em- powered, Barista Magazine! Randi Michael North Las Vegas, Nev. Hi Barista Magazine, can you tell me how I could be in "I Love Stuff "? I just enjoy that feature so much. The one this issue [June + July 2019] was especially cute, with the barista latte art guy who talked about his travel kit for training other baristas. I think I have some wonderful people on my staff who would have a lot of fun contributing to the "I Love Stuff." Can you tell me if that is possible? Thank you! David Karp Blainville, Quebec, Canada Hi David! Great question. We love to feature baristas from all over the place in the "I Love Stuff " column. The more diversity in back- grounds and skill sets, the better! We continue to be so impressed by the creative bar solutions baristas come up with and recommend to their peers. In addition to the "I Love Stuff " columns, we have an annual feature in the December + January issues called "Best Bar Tools," which is essentially an extended "I Love Stuff " that includes around 20 baristas recommending bar tools they love. So there are lots of opportunities for your baristas to get involved! Please email me at for more information. That goes for anyone interested in "I Love Stuff " and "Best Bar Tools," folks! Please let us know if you want to get involved! Corrections: In the article "Like Is a Battle- fi eld" (June + July 2019), Jenn Callender's name was spelled incorrectly. We apologize for this error. In the section "Takeaway: What We're Lov- ing in Coffee Right Now" (June + July 2019), we neglected to credit McKenzie Roers of for the photo that accompanied the item about the Utah Coffee Collective. We apologize for this error. Puremade Syrups & Sauces have nothing artificial so you can mix up something amazing. Make it with Puremade For more visit ½ oz. Puremade Salted Caramel Syrup ½ oz. Puremade Dark Chocolate Sauce 8 oz. cold brew Ice Salted Chocolate Caramel Cold Brew Combine the syrup, sauce, cold brew and ice in a shaker. Shake together for 3 seconds then serve.

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