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Feelin' Melo If you read the reviews, it seems like Melodrip might not just be a new brewing deviceā€”it might be a lifestyle. "The Melodrip is a device that changed the way I brew, and changed my expectations of manual brewed coffee," writes Elika Liftee from Onyx Coffee Lab, in a testimonial on Melodrip's website. Other fans and followers say the same thing, that the brewing theory and extraction technique utilized by this lovely little dripper are changing the game and redefining slow- pour strategy. The brewer was envisioned and developed by Ray Murakawa, who was on a quest to create the cleanest cup of coffee imaginable. Ray found that most traditional pourover brewing methods struggle from over- and under-extraction due to the migration of fines, which are coffee-dust particles created in the grinding process. Fines can create murky, bitter-tasting cups both because they're easier to extract material from (being so small) and because they can clog traditional brewers, slowing the flow rate and causing over- extraction and channeling. The Melodrip compensates for that by drastically reducing the amount of agitation that the pouring-over causes, which means the fines stay put and the whole coffee bed is more evenly saturated and brewed. This is accomplished by adding a soft dispersion tool that equally distributes a single stream of brew water into a gentle sprinkle over the coffee grounds, like a shower head. The effect is beautiful, as well: The MD's clear body lets you watch the water enter the brew bed and enjoy the cleanliness and transparency of the finished coffee. That means this dripper isn't just good-looking, it also has a great personality. Melodrip brewers are available for $45 (with free shipping in the U.S.A.) on the company's website, and don't forget to pick up a fashionable set of cupping spoon or peaberry coffee bean pins to show off your brewing style on your favorite shirt, jacket, or bag. Amped About the Ramp Up Tour Rancilio has been a booster of the coffee community in huge ways, and the espresso machine manufacturing company is a proud sponsor of heaps of events and educational opportunities year-round. This year, however, the Rancilio crew has embarked on a massive tour, visiting 16 U.S. cities throughout the months of June, July, and still some upcoming dates in August on the Ramp Up road trip. Ramp Up is fully amped with panel discussions, classes on espresso tech and espresso extraction, and even some friendly competition added to the mix. Each date on the tour is hosted by a local coffee company, starting with Groundswell in Chicago on June 13 and including stops at Archetype Coffee in Omaha, Neb.; Stay Golden in Nashville, Tenn.; and Square One Coffee Roasters in Lancaster, Pa. "The technical classes have been engaging and we've been stoked at the interaction we've been getting from different communities," says Andrew Bettis, Rancilio's resident coffee specialist, who says that the coffee equipment education isn't limited to Rancilio technology but also looks at other machine basics across brands and models. "The extraction class has been fun as well," Andrew continues. "I remember as a barista wondering how flow rate and temperature affect the coffee extraction in an espresso puck. We dig into the science of it, but also touch on basic, approachable ways to maintain consistency on bar." One of the things that makes this particular event series so exciting is that it's not "a typical latte art throwdown," Andrew says, "We definitely wanted this tour to be a bit more engaging and less of a party vibe than a throwdown, and I think we've been able to achieve that" with the amazing intellectual and professional discussions and networking that's happened at every turn. Panels and discussions featuring luminaries like Four Letter Word's roaster Ari Sofiakis and Atlas Coffee Importers sales representative Brooke McNeill make this more master class than competition, bringing people together rather than pitting them against one another. Check Rancilio's website for details on the upcoming tour dates, and be sure to catch a Ramp Up event near you through August 18. PHOTO COURTESY OF MELODRIP Continued on page 22 PHOTO BY CALEB HAMERNICK 20 barista magazine

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