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46 barista magazine It's a four-hour drive from La Labor to Marcala, so we had a shorter day to explore. Once we arrived at Finca El Puente, Marysa- bel and Moises showed us around part of the farm and even let us pick coffee. After that, they had us run our harvest through their wet mill and depulper. Honduras' dry season started earlier than normal this year, so picking was just about fi nished by the time our group arrived. However, they generously left a small portion of Catuai plants unpicked for us so that we could experience the whole process. We only picked for about 30 minutes, but it was more than enough time to recognize the extreme care and labor that's put into picking every cherry. Later at the wet mill, Moises weighed and judged each of our picks. (I picked the absolute smallest amount of our group.) The next day he would use these numbers to make an important point about coffee waste and the role of the barista in coffee. D AY 5 — M A R C A L A , F I N C A E L P U E N T E Community is an important part of Honduran culture, and Marysabel and Moises exemplify this fully. There are two schools on their land, and they support them by helping build new classrooms and dining halls and supplement- ing the food the schools receive from the gov- ernment. They also pay their workers better than any of the surrounding farms. Marysa- bel made a pit stop at one of the schools so that we could understand why this work is so important. Walking through Finca El Puente's variety farm and nursery was a very cool experi- ence, and Marysabel explained each step of a coffee's development, from planting seeds in small soil beds and carefully replanting the sprouts in reusable containers, to moving those to the farm to fi nish growing. After that, we had the honor of planting our own coffee plants in an area set aside for others who had come on CCC's Origin Field Lab trips and planted their own. We even got to see the one our coworker Barry Burgess had planted when he came on the same trip the year before! We took a break in a house on the farm that overlooked the processing buildings and near- by mountains. Here, Moises broke down some important numbers for us about coffee picking and processing: 170 grams of picked cherries equals 30 grams of parchment equals 23 coffee beans equals about 20 grams of ground coffee (about one shot of espresso). The day before, we all spent half an hour picking coffee, and our individual totals ranged from 350 to 1,320 Moises (far le ) poses with the group for a photo a er treating us to a phenomenal cupping in Finca El Puente's stunning cupping room. PHOTO BY BEN HELFEN New Dr. Smoothie Refreshers are handcrafted from real fruit juice for maximum goodness, and made with green coffee extract for a natural jumpstart. s t t

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