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Stuff Milo loves Frienda 10 ml plastic syringe I love stuff Milo DeGoosh Director of Coffee, Candy's Portland, Maine Why do you love them? These syringes make drink assembly easy. You can use the measurements on the side of the syringe to ensure consistency from beverage to beverage and, for efficiency's sake, even pre-measure out a bunch before ser vice to speed up the drink-making process. They also can go through the dishwasher, which is super convenient. How do you use them on bar? A few of the signature drinks at Candy's require ingredients that I like to add using these syringes. Using a scale for the first syringe to measure by weight and then using the markers on the sides after that makes it really easy to assemble beverages and ensure that customers are getting consistent, quality beverages in the shortest amount of time possible. Win-win. I've also used these in barista-competition settings because they are ver y clean and allow you to be totally sure you are adding the same amount of each syrup or ingredients to ever y drink, which is key in competition. What do your coworkers think of them? My coworkers were impressed with the idea to use them in competition. I've seen other competitors use them, as well. They really are efficient drink- assembling tools. On bar it just speeds things up so much—we all think they're great. Anything else to add? I'm always thinking about ways to be more efficient while also not having to spend a ton of money, and these little guys aren't pricey at all and still get the job done. PHOTO BY TAYLOR GONZALES PEANUT BUTTER, COCOA, CASHEW, CINNAMON, OH MY! Build muscle or fuel your next adventure with this delicious new addition to the Protein Puck lineup. A filling snack or meal-substitute, each puck is loaded with fiber and iron from natural ingredients. Certified gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan, this grab-and-go option is ideal for the conscientious consumer. With superior flavor and wholesome ingredients, this nutty, agave-sweetened nosh is sure to satisfy and sustain. Order Peanut Butter, Cocoa, Cashew, and Cinnamon Protein Pucks from Barista Pro Shop today. TRAINING WITH TRILOGY Every coffee has a story. With its new series, Trilogy: Process, Dillanos Coffee Roasters is telling the story of a single coffee sourced from La Francia, Colombia, processed three different ways (natural, washed, and honey). The industry as a whole is taking a closer look at the pivotal step of processing in a coffee's journey. From classic washed to the more complex natural method, Dillanos understands that the way cherries are processed significantly impacts how the coffee tastes in the cup. Enjoy at home, resell in your café, or use as a training tool to increase your team's coffee knowledge. 66 barista magazine

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