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# 8 : V o l u n t e e r f o r C o f f e e C o r p s # 9 : G o t o t h e S p e c i a l t y C o f f e e E x p o 80 barista magazine be quite fulfi lling—it's a good way to take the conversation deeper than usual social conversation. And the meetings Coffee Gals had have really achieved that purpose for me. My hope was to get to know other women in coffee on a deeper level, enhancing my connection to the industry in the Bay Area." Floy says the meetings reconnected her with what she loved most about working in coffee: the people. "Our meetings inspired my work week and delivered a real sense of community and support. Moreover, I can think of two complicated issues I faced in my job that our little community provided essential insight into," she says. #8: Volunteer for Coffee Corps Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) runs a program called Coffee Corps that matches coffee professionals with volunteer opportunities with coffee-producing groups or individuals. Once you apply on the website ( fee-corps-volunteer/) and are accepted, you will be matched to a volun- teer project, usually about two weeks in length, based on your skill set and the needs of producers. This can be an incredibly fulfi lling way to interact with coffee production, contributing your unique skill set rath- er than approaching production from more of a tourist perspective. Volunteers' time is compensated with a small stipend, making the two weeks off work a little more feasible. The best part of Coffee Corps is that coffee pros at every level have valuable skills to contribute and are welcome as volunteers. #9: Go to the Specialty Coffee Expo One great way to meet a ton of coffee people and make new profession- al connections is to attend Specialty Coffee Expo, the world's largest coffee trade show and conference. Producers, roasters, marketing What the numbers say: • 7 out of 10 people say that prodev opportunities affect their desire to stay at a company. • Companies that offer prodev opportunities have 34% higher retention rates. • Employees with prodev opportunities are 15% more engaged. • 44% of employees say a lack of career growth and advancement is their number-one source of stress. • 40% of organizations say they rarely or never provide career planning or development. • 68% of workers say training and development is the most important work policy. • Due to a lack of prodev opportunities, 74% of workers aren't achieving their full potential. According to these statistics (among many others), compiled by consumer product review site Better Buys, prodev has a larger fi scal impact on organizations than they may realize. CAFFEINECRAWL.COM FIND EVERYTHING AT OVER 80 EVENTS FROM PORTLAND, MAINE TO SAN DIEGO TO VANCOUVER coffee tea chocolate = the best coffee tea chocolate = the best coffee tea chocolate = the best coffee tea chocolate = the best Creating successful behaviors for specialty coffee roasters Business Planning, Strategy & Support Green Coffee Sourcing & Grading Roast Profiling and Training Cupping & Barista Training Quality Control It's not just a business, it's a behavior. Learn to Behave.

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