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own espresso machine in homes and offices around town, he was ready to branch out and continue his work in Bangkok. In August of 2012, he opened his first café. Casa Lapin has now expanded to three locations around the city, including its original shop—the one Robb and I stumbled upon after visiting Gallery Drip Coffee—where we enjoyed a delicious, citrusy espresso shot. The second of Surapan's shops, located only a few blocks away from the first, is notable for its floor-to-ceiling windows and red-brick lined walls, complete with honey-toned bookshelves and all the necessary knickknacks of a cozy-yet-sophisticated café. Here, we indulged in another ristretto espresso and a creamy, sweet cappuccino. Though Surapan plans to begin roasting his own coffee sometime in 2014, Casa Lapin currently offers beans from a variety of microroasters around Bangkok in order to both spark the curiosity of its customers, and support the growth of the city's specialty-coffee community as a whole. CERESIA COFFEE ROASTERS When we first walked into Ceresia Coffee Roasters, the comforting aroma of freshly roasted coffee wafted toward us. Outfitted with two coffee bars and a few tables, the informal layout of the café surrounds a rectangle bar where customers can select their beans, watch their pourovers being made, and admire the shop's classic La Marzocco espresso machine and the Has Garanti roaster. Owned by sisters Lucia and Marian Aguilar from Venezuela, and Lucia's husband, Garin "Bret" Asavaroengchai, Ceresia Coffee Roasters has been open since June of 2013. Lucia and Marian's relationship with coffee began early on. When the sisters were growing up, their family owned a coffee farm in the Venezuelan Andes near the city of Valera, where both sisters would help with the harvesting of cherry. Due to difficulties resulting from governmental restrictions, however, their family was forced to close the farm. During our numerous visits to Ceresia Coffee Roasters, we were able to try many beverages and coffees from their menu. My favorite was their Americano, with its delicious hints of sparkling grapefruit, and Robb's was a crisp pourover of the Ethiopia Sidamo with its soft notes of jasmine flowers. While enjoying a piece of carrot cake with our delicious coffees, we made plans to visit the next shop on our list. BRAVE ROASTERS After maneuvering through the alleyways of a small suburb, we found ourselves standing on the cool, shaded patio of One Ounce for Onion. This shop—which triples as a café, roastery, and clothing shop—is a nice getaway from the hectic energy of downtown Bangkok. It sits at the end of a quiet side street, and is a 15-minute walk from the Bangkok Transit System (BTS) station. Through the collaborative efforts of Ekameth "Tay" Wipvasutti, Nirodha "Fa" Veratumpoonsawat, and Sorasak "House" Chanmantana—who operate the roastery, café, and clothing shop, respectively—One Ounce for Onion officially opened its doors this past August. The café, with its simplistic, stylish decor and casual atmosphere, was so 32 barista magazine

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