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the baristas climbed back into their rides once again and headed to the hotel. After breakfast the next day, the group motored back to Nairobi. With an in-depth exploration of the Kenyan coffee business behind them, it was time for the baristas to participate in the largest part of the local economy: tourism. They boarded a small charter plane and flew out of the sprawling capital into the vast natural space of the Masai Mara in the southwest of the country. For the next two days, they crisscrossed the countryside in open-air Land Rovers in search of big game to shoot with their cameras and smartphones on an epic safari. As they gazed upon the amazing scene around them, nearly every barista said something along the lines of, "I would have never thought a career in coffee would take me here." Dozens of elephants, hippos, zebras, lions, and countless other native creatures greeted the baristas at seemingly every turn, and the season's late rains meant the grass on the Masai Mara stayed lush and green, keeping the animals well fed and nearby. The group also had the opportunity to visit a Masai village. The welcoming Masai performed traditional dances and spoke about keeping their culture strong and vibrant into the 21st century. At the end of it all, Pete mused, "I wish I could compete again. I want to go Ecuador [the next destination for the Café Imports Barista Origin Trip]." He was hardly alone Like most of the baristas on the trip, World Barista Champion Pete Licata says he wishes he was competing again so he could qualify for the next Café Imports Barista in the sentiment. Origin Trip to Ecuador. EXTRA SHOT REWARDS! ® Reward yourself and order at! Earn free products on your specialty coffee orders. EARN AS YOU SHOP - Earn 'Extra Shots' on qualifying orders - no strings attached. New products are featured as rewards every 2 weeks. Pick yours at checkout, we'll add it to your order. FEEL THE LOVE - Set up your EXTRA account at and start earning rewards today! SHOT® WWW.BARISTAPROSHOP.COM OR CALL US AT 866-PRO-LATTE 42 barista magazine

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