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enjoyed exploring coffee and cocktails together. As a consultant for Cafés Richard, Victor is helping to develop a training module for coffee in good spirits that the company can use for interested wholesale accounts. He's also been busy traveling the world since his win, teaching workshops in Moscow; Athens, Greece; Milan, Italy; and elsewhere. He works for various companies in France doing coffee-cocktail and concept development consulting, where his goal is to establish quality standards and coach the staff in developing the skills necessary to maintain them. "In the next years, I hope to continue to develop my skills and try to make the gastronomic world, which is my origin, better understand that coffee has a huge potential and is much more than we can imagine," says Victor. "Why would a maître d'hôtel in a high-quality restaurant reprimand a waiter for having placed the fork one centimeter too much to the left, and at the same time, allow the coffee to be badly prepared by someone who has no attention to detail for its quality? I would love to better establish the barista culture into this gastronomic circle because I think that today, in addition to being the last touch of an excellent meal, it is as essential as the quality of the wine or the cuisine we propose to our customers. We should also bring back the ritual of service to coffee in order to enhance the experience as we do with the other elements of a fine dining moment." He takes a breath, maintaining his professional composure, before sliding into that rascally grin. "I love coffee. It's so fun!" he says. "Coffee is an inexhaustible source of inspiration." Victor with 2009 World Barista Chmpion Gwilym Davies at HOST Milan. THE ART OF HANDCRAFTED COFFEE Taf specializes in artisan roasting and the careful creation of truly unique flavor profiles. Our experience and love for coffee can be tasted with each flavorful sip. • Direct relationship coffees • Research & education • Fresh roast Visit our website 59

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