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PHOTO BY KELSEY SNELL neighborhood—that microcosm of individuals. And baristas are great ambassadors for the place." This is why Caffeine Crawl hinges on the participation of cafés and their creativity with coffee—because baristas make good drinks, but they also color an unknown city or scene and tell us how to walk in their shoes and experience it. "And whether you choose to talk to the barista or not, you can at least watch, study and learn," said Burton. "There is this kind of cool community that happens. A lot of it has to do with comfort. A café becomes a comfort house." Up next for Caffeine Crawl: international tours and craft-beer events. See for a schedule and ticketing. We define a location by its people, language, architecture, neighborhoods, and foodways combined; they form holistic London or Hong Kong. All of these elements collide in cafés—the hum of voices, the design on the rug, the scones in the pastry case—to create the terroir, the taste, of the place. 69

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