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STUFF THE GEAR YOU NEED FOR THE JOB YOU DO the abcs of coffee Lars K. Huse, a young illustrator and self-described coffee-supergeek from Oslo, Norway, has put pen to paper and teamed up with graphic designer Harald J. Vøyle to produce the A-Z Coffee book. A fun look at coffee for those "who enjoy their coffee more than the average person, " A-Z Coffee takes a slightly off-kilter look at the world of specialty coffee one letter (and drawing) at a time, from AeroPress to Zarf. love stuff I Stuff Marcus Loves The Zojirushi CD-LCC50 hot water tower Why do you love it? I work from a home office and coffee lab. I frequently prepare coffee and teach brewing workshops at customers' cafes, in cooking schools, or at counters at public events. The Zojirushi CD-LCC50 is the perfect tool for providing hot water for manual brewing and cupping. It dispenses a liter of water in less than 30 seconds, boils quickly and holds water at 208° F. It is a portable water tower that doesn't require dedicated plumbing. It fills from the top and operates on readily available 120v power. These features make it a valuable and efficient tool that reliably provides me with up to five liters of water at optimal brewing temperature. Is it well suited for café work or cuppings? Honestly, this little water tower would be quickly overwhelmed in a busy café; however, it is a great supplementary hot water source for brewing coffee by hand or preparing tea. It holds water at three steady temperatures (205°, 195°, or 175° F), giving baristas a flexible tool for preparing different beverages. The temperature stability is commendable, varying by about three degrees from the temperature indicated on its digital display. The design provides ample space for a pouring kettle, scale or press pot to sit beneath the spout. The five-liter capacity dispenses enough water to brew up to five 32-ounce press pots or Chemexes, evaluate 29 samples in a cupping, or prepare nearly a dozen 12-ounce pour-over coffees before running dry. What other specifications make it special? The flexibility to hold water at steady brewing temperatures, the option to dispense directly into a brewing vessel or pouring kettle with space beneath for a scale, and the five-liter capacity make it unique from other portable hot water solutions like electric tea kettles. Would you recommend it to others? Absolutely! When I have had to do without my Zojirushi water tower I've sorely missed it. Having up to five liters of brew-ready water on hand at any time is invaluable. It's a tool that makes connecting coffee with consumers much easier. The portability, stability and capacity give me the tools to brew coffee to exacting standards, whether I'm in my home coffee lab, manual brewing at a coffeehouse, or preparing coffee at a special event. With the accurate water level gauge, I'm able to refill the brewer with water as I run low, and it efficiently heats and holds water at a stable temperature, and quickly dispenses water for brewing. Marcus Young Community Outreach & Customer Support Coordinator Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters Portland, Oregon 40 barista magazine

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