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Page 104 of 115 THERE'S NOTHING LIKE THE FEEL OF BARISTA MAGAZINE IN PRINT. the café owner can make the online experience closely mimic the actual experience of being in the shop. Additionally, the merchant is able to create posts on the landing page that look a lot like a social media feed, but these posts can be used to advertise specials, upcom- ing events, and more. This feature is best paired with the back-end analytics that show a merchant how often customers return, what time of day the shop has the most visitors, and even when a customer of one location is most likely to visit a new location. Troglo's rampant adoption among cafés and restaurants has the company poised to be a headlining act for some time to come. Just as Mastodon has expanded their borders beyond the sludgy prog rock that have made them a metal mainstay, Troglo has found that reaching beyond the captive portal in to other parts of the Web helps them deliver more customer intelligence. "Targeted Facebook marketing is especially effective as it not only helps our customers profi le and reach new customers, it also makes existing Facebook marketing more effi cient as they can exclude existing customers in their campaigns," says Troglo CEO and cofounder Henning Moe. "Most other Wi-Fi solutions can only run one promotion or message on the login page, [but] Troglo allows coffee shops to build an entire 'feed' of content sim- ilar to a Facebook or Twitter feed. The vast majority of users end up scrolling to the bottom of the feed, making it a very effective channel for in-store messaging." WWW.TROGLO.NET WISELY More often than in other rock styles, metal occasionally produces a band with such an ambitious stylistic reach that they become a genre unto themselves. Wolves in the Throne Room, an American black-metal band with a visceral sonic attack and unparalleled com- mitment to the occult and man's relationship with nature (so much so that they live off the grid), is that band. In the guest Wi-Fi realm, Wisely is that stylistic juggernaut. While they do provide guest Wi-Fi services to their customers, Wisely's approach is holistic and all-encompassing, including reservations, loyalty, and even a restaurant consulting practice. Wisely's approach is the most academic, as evidenced by CEO and cofounder Michael Vichich's philosophical take on the use of guest Wi-Fi. "At the end of the day, the way we like to approach it is, 'What are the business objectives?' There are not many ways to improve the profi tability of a coffee shop," he says. However areas where Wisely's analytics platform—fueled by a guest Wi-Fi approach which, like Zenreach, leverages the Cisco Meraki platform—can help a coffee bar realize additional revenue include "driving guest frequency, getting new people through the door, and fi nding new places to open a shop." WWW.GETWISELY.COM It's easy for guest Wi-Fi to get lost amidst a coffeehouse's day-to- day operations, but if you're not content to simply give your custom- ers just any kind of wireless Internet connection, you can amplify sales and your knowledge about your customers by plugging in to one of these services—and turning up the volume. ILLUSTRATION BY ALABASTER PIZZO 105

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