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Hello, we are the Swedish company that invented oatmilk and now we have gone and created a barista edition oatmilk that is micro-foamable, tastes absolutely amazing in coffee and is super sustainable*. It's not cow's milk, but in barista applications it is remarkably close, perhaps because we made it together with world-class baristas and then introduced it in Europe where the response has been crazy, so we thought it was about time to share it with you. What makes it cool? It's light and fluffy without being overly sweet, accentuates coffee with- out trying to own it, contains no added sugar, no GMOs, is gluten-free and 100% cool for vegans and allows you to pour rosettas and tulips with- out referring to a 16 page bespoke non-dairy tutorial. But this is an ad so you would expect us to be convincing. Perhaps you would like to try our barista edition oatmilk out for yourself, analyze the taste or create some latte art with it and see if it performs to your standards? If so, send us an email to and we will send you some. Cheers. * Specifically a reduction of 80% on green- house gas emissions, 79% on land usage and 60% on energy usage compared to cow ' s milk.

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