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16 barista magazine T I P J A R COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, LOVE, AND HATE PHONE: 800.296.9108 FAX: 971.223.3659 TIPJAR@BARISTAMAGAZINE.COM I would like to thank you for your letter from the editor in the new issue [August + Septem- ber 2017] about mentorship. What can I say? I am a woman of color, and I remember all too clearly the diffi cult years and the struggles I faced trying to get a foothold in the special- ty-coffee world. I asked hundreds of questions of hundreds of people. Not all of them got answered, and certainly not everyone even wanted to talk to me. But I persisted, and I keep asking questions, and eventually, I got my answers. I learned a lot more than I set out to, as a matter of fact. The word "mentor" might sound scary to some people, but it's not like you're adopting a child. Just answer the questions as best you can, with the time you have, even if it's not much. I can tell you from experience that it will make a difference, and it will help specialty coffee to become a bigger, better, more inclusive, more representative, and more diverse community of professionals. Now, as for the baristas—and to be clear, this is what I say to my own staff all the time—if you want something, you have to work for it. It's not going to be handed to you. You do not deserve it just because you want it. Gumption is admirable, and so is effort. So make some! You will be sur- prised how responsive would-be mentors will be if they see you're committed to achieving great- ness. And I consider owning a café and being your own boss, and making jobs in the commu- nity, and contributing to the sustainability of this great planet to be greatness. Thank you. S. Routh Pleasant Hill, California Just wanted to express some special love for the new issue [August + September 2017]. It was as if you'd read our minds! Every article was about something we'd just been discussing/ wrestling with. Thank you and your team of psychics! Paula Anderson Pawtucket, Rhode Island Coffee in Mexico would not be advanced today were it not for the very hard work and many years of volunteering that Mr. Arturo Hernan- dez and Mr. Jose Areola have contributed to our culture. Thank you for writing an article ["Master Q+A," August + September 2017] about our coffee hero, Mr. Hernandez. He is a great man who has accomplished many things for others because of his kind heart and a pow- erful vision for the future. Javier Melgar Mexico City We have enjoyed the two-part article about how to create great food in cafés ["Third- Wave Food," June + July 2017 and August + September 2017]. We were like many passion- ate baristas when we opened our café in 2005: We said, "Only excellent coffee! We don't have time for food! If you want food, go someplace else!" My business partner and I know all too well that we were pretty pretentious back then. Now we are seasoned business owners, and you know what is important to us? Making great coffee, of course, but also making money so we can take care of our staff, so we can keep buying really great coffees, and so we can take care of our families. Selling food will help us do that, and if we're going to do it, why not do it really, really, really well? Seriously, these articles inspired us—we are building out a kitchen in the spring and have already made plans. Until then, you gave us tips for how to still make excellent food that people want to pay for in the meantime. Really, thank you for these articles. John Graham Kettering, Ohio Thoughtful discussion of hiring practices by Ms. Liz Dean in the new issue ["Hire Learn- ing," August + September 2017]. She had many insights and out-of-the-box tips that I will defi nitely be putting to use when I am next hiring for my coffee shop. I took notes! Ginnifer Biltz Mesquite, Nevada Correction: In the "Cashbox" column in the August + September 2017 issue, Korbin Richards was incorrectly identified as "he" rather than "she." AUGUST + SEPTEMBER 2017 ¥ VOLUME 13/ISSUE 3 EN LA CIUDAD DE MEXICO EN L EN L A C I A C I A CI UDAD UDAD DE DE MEXI MEXI CO CO

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