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What are you taking away from our awesome coffee world right now? Let us know about cool trends, fun gear, killer drinks, events, places, people— you get the idea! Email takeaway@ The Portuguese Barista Association Specialty-coffee professionals continue to build their communities around the world, and ortugal, or the Barista Association of Portugal, brings together baristas, coffee pros, and enthusiasts to share their passion. The newly formed association was developed "to open new horizons in the world of coffee by the pro- fessionalization of baristas, training and recognition." Spokesperson for the association, Soraia Peixoto, explains the thinking behind the group: "The idea of creating this associ- ation began a couple of years ago, at the fi rst barista championship in Portugal, where we already felt from the baristas the need of creating an organization that represented them, not only in Portugal, but also abroad." Currently the group has 20 members with a goal of 30 by the end of the year and 70 by the end of next year, to which we say, "Boa sorte!" Klatch Secures Gesha for a Cool $601/pound At the 2017 Best of Panama Competition, a natural-process Geisha microlot of Hacienda La Esmeralda, Esmeralda Geisha Cañas Verdes Natural, set a world-record price for coffee sold at auction: an astounding $601 per pound. Kew Specialty Coffee from Hong Kong's historical bid was the winner of two 50-pound boxes of the exceptional lot. Having served on the jury, Klatch Coffee's Mike Perry says, "I have been visiting and buying Panama coffee, particularly Esmeralda Geisha, since this coffee exploded on the world scene over a dozen years ago… Being an international judge at Best of Panama for the past 10 years, I have tried them all, and Esmeralda was not only the fi rst Geisha but is still clearly the best." After the auction, Mike and representatives of Kew agreed that such an exceptional coffee should be shared with as many people as possible. They worked out a game-chang- ing deal to not only allow Klatch Coffee to be the exclusive U.S. roaster of the Esmeralda Geisha Cañas Verdes Natural, but also to work together on a blueprint for giving coffee lovers around the world a chance to try it. The plan is for top roasters internationally to host events where the coffee will be served by the cup. Details are still in the works, but Mike says Southern California–based Klatch Coffee will host one such event to serve not only this record-breaking coffee, but also the nat- ural Geisha from second-place fi nisher Altieri, and a washed Geisha from Esmeralda. More information will be released soon. Cafés Go for Gold with Turmeric Lattes Just when you thought latte art couldn't get any more Instagrammable, in rolled a trend so gorgeous it's practically gilt—and with a name to match. Sometimes called a "golden latte," drinks made with turmeric-infused milk have been showing up on menus from 49er country in San Francisco all the way to the 24-karat cafés of New York City. Famed for its anti-infl ammatory properties and its nose-tin- gling, slightly peppery or gingery fl avor, turmeric is a staple in fl avorful Southeast Asian cuisine, and gives a lovely, sunny color. (That color doesn't run, by the way, so careful not to spill any on yourself— unless you also want part of your shirt to be lovely and sunny.) Our friends at Zuma offer an Organic Tumeric Chai, and Brooklyn-based Dona Chai has a liquid turmeric concentrate. Sadie Drazewski, owner of Bearcat Café in NYC, dreamed up the perfect blend of spices— including cayenne, black pepper, ginger, and cardamom—to complement the turmeric. " We steam that up with a dab of honey and oat or nut milk," she says. "It feels special, like an espresso beverage, because of the time and care that goes into preparing it properly." PHOTO COURTESY OF DONA CHAI 20 barista magazine

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