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S T U F F : P R O D U C T S ILLY TURNED UP TO 11 The espresso legends at Illy have somehow managed to make improvements to a legend: The company's X1 espresso machine is a re-imagining of the Luca Trazzi design, which debuted in 1996 to the delight of home baristas ever ywhere. The X1 keeps much of the Luca Trazzi's tradition of greatness, while being gifted with a sleek profile, adjustable cup rest, redesigned easy-to- read gauges, and a new capsule adaption, as well as the ability to brew filter coffee as well as espresso. The X1 is available in three finishes: stainless steel, matte black, and Illy red. SO SMART More is definitely better when it comes to offering a unique coffee experience, and having two or more Mina SmartBars in your coffee shop will maximize your production and quality. A dedicated app gives baristas seamless control over the machines, and make it possible to manage more than one Mina at the same time with a simple tap, passing from one to the other directly from your device. You can set different extraction profiles for your coffees, save them in your personal recipe collection, and upload them to the Minas you have in the shop. Smart, isn't it? BE A ZERO AND A HERO Introducing Zero Calorie Natural Flavorings from Monin. Add full flavor and sweetness to your favorite beverages without any sugar, calories, or artificial ingredients. Made with an exclusive blend of natural sweeteners, the syrups are available in a range of delicious coffeehouse flavors such as caramel, chocolate, and hazelnut. There's even a "simple syrup" that can stand-in as a no-calorie sugar substitute. AWARD-WINNING COFFEE MILK (MINUS MOO) Milkadamia's newest barista blend Latte Da is on a mission to transform how latte milk tastes—in fact, this new milk recently swept the 2017 Best New Product and People's Choice awards at Coffee Fest Chicago. Made from unroasted, direct-from-the-tree macadamias, Latte Da complements the coffee roast like a dream, with its subtle, clean taste and milky creaminess. Latte Da steams magically and produces velvety foam for latte artists, while being free of dair y, soy, GMOs, and gluten. 46 barista magazine

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