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OCT-NOV 2017

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48 barista magazine S T U F F : P R O D U C T S EASY AS 1-2 CLEAN While standard drip brewers only require a cleaning solution to remove coffee oils and residue, cold-brew equipment requires both cleaning and sanitization to maintain proper hygiene due to the ambient temperature at which it is brewed. The 1-2-Cold Brew kit from Urnex features a two- step process consisting of a liquid cleaner, Clearly Cold—as well as a liquid sanitizer, Complete Café—to ensure that ever y batch of cold-brewed coffee is both delicious and safe. The liquid formulations are designed to save the operator time and error by eliminating the need to dissolve powder in brewing vessels, kegs, nitro systems, and tap lines. Both the cleaner and sanitizer come packaged as a kit in HDPE recyclable bottles with a built-in measuring device. GET YOUR OATLY ON Oatly is already all the rage in top cafés in the U.K. and across Europe, and the oaty goodness has just hit stateside. Oatly is based on liquid oats, so it's not overly sweet or excessively heavy. It is, however, fully foamable, which means the barista using it is in total control of the density and per formance. As the Oatly Barista Edition was created with advice from some of the best baristas in Europe, you can bet it's per fect for pouring awesome latte art. PRE-ORDER FARMLEVEL DIGEST VOL. 2 NOW Ver ve Coffee is set to release the second edition of its beautiful Farmlevel Digest, a volume of film photos and essays, this time focusing on the exquisite coffeelands of Panama. Stories and images chronicle the histor y and pioneering families of Boquete, Geisha variety, and all that makes this area the Shangri-La of Central America. The first 100 pre-orders will receive a photographic print from the digest. Mad Mad Mad Mad e w e w e w e w ith ith ith fr fr fr esh esh esh , r , r , ipe pe ipe ipe i le le le mon mon mon n s, s, s, Tor To T ani ani ani ani ani Lem Lem Lem Lem ona ona ona ona n de de de Rea Rea Rea Rea l F l F l F F l l rui rui rui t S t S t S S S moo moo moo thi thi thi th t e M e M e M M ix i is i i s del del del del ici ici ici ici ous ous ous u ou on on on on it it it s o s o s o s o wn wn wn n and and and d in in in cre cre cre dib dib dib le le l as as s a v a v a v a v ers ers ers s ati ati ati ati le le le le smo smo smo smo oth oth oth oth ie ie ie ie bas bas bas ba e. e. e. e Jus Jus Jus s t a t a t a a dd dd dd Tor Tor Tor To ani ani ani n Sy Sy Sy Sy rup rup rup rup , b , b , b , b len len len len d a d a d a d a nd nd nd n ser ser ser e ve. ve. ve. For For For For Fo For For a a a a fre fre fre fre fre fre f e s e s e s e s e s e s s amp amp amp amp amp amp am amp le, le, le, le, le, le co co co co co nta nta nt nta nta t ct ct ct ct t Tor Tor Tor Tor Tor ani ani n a tod tod tod tod tod tod o ay ay ay ay ay ay y at at at at at (80 (80 (80 (80 (80 (80 0) 0) 0) 0) 0) 0) 0) ) 775 775 775 775 775 775 775 -19 -19 -19 19 1 -19 1 25 25 25 5 25 or or or r o at at at at at at a a www www www www www www www www w .to .to .to .to .to .to ran ran ran ran ran ran i.c i.c i.c i.c i.c c om/ om/ om/ om/ om/ om om/ foo foo foo fo foo dse dse dse dse dse d rvi rvi rvi rvi vi ce ce c ce e c ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES NEW Torani Lemonade Real Fruit Smoothie Mix NO PRESERVATIVES NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS CAFFEINE-FREE FAT-FREE

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