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Stuff Tony loves The Lazy Syrup Susan I love stuff Tony Binion Owner Coffee Vault Enumclaw, Wash. How did the idea for the Lazy Syrup Susan come about? A few days before we opened, we were loading all of our product into the stand, and we realized we didn't have enough room for all of our syrup bottles. We were in panic mode trying to figure how we could get 50+ bottles of syrup onto a small amount of counter and make each one easy to get to in a fast-paced environment. My father-in-law owns a cabinet- and mill-working company, and had a spare Lazy Susan base in his garage! We grabbed it and the wheels started to turn. In a couple of hours, with some power tools, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial grit, the Lazy Syrup Susan was born. How does the Lazy Syrup Susan make your job easier when you're making drinks for customers in your drive- through? Because we can fit so many syrup bottles into a small space now, we are able to carry a lot more flavors than most stands our size can. It also spins, so that helps a bunch with efficiency when trying to find a certain flavor. What do the baristas at Coffee Vault think about it? The baristas love it! It makes their job easier being able to have so many flavor options in one space. The customers love it, too! They get a kick out of it when a barista gives it a good spin! ACME & CO 2017: THE EVOLUTION From its inception, ACME & Co. has balanced form and function perfectly, providing the most resilient and desirable cups available. More beautiful and usable than ever, and complementing the Evolution cups, the ACME Union mugs form part of this collection. The elegant 8-ounce mug is available in Dolphin grey, Kokako blue, and Feijoa green in multiples of six. THE 144 RING IS NOT THE EXCEPTION—IT'S THE RULE The latest grind-adjustment ring from La San Marco allows the coffee-grind size to be adjusted according to air humidity levels, the type of coffee, and the machine. It visibly improves the legibility of different regulation levels, and an intuitive label features an arrow indicating the correct direction of rotation to regulate the grind size, which can be adjusted with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimeter. The new grind-adjustment ring is installed standard on all La San Marco grinder-dispensers and is per fectly interchangeable with the previous version. DUTCHED DOOR TO FLAVOR Hollander Chocolate makes café sauces and powders for craft beverages with Holland's finest Dutched cocoas and real quality ingredients. "Dutched cocoas" are per fect for pairing with espresso because they have a neutral or alkaline pH, which results in a mocha rich with cocoa flavor and the signature top notes of espresso. Attention to ingredient quality is a hallmark of Hollander's full line, which features natural cocoa butter, real vanillas, Wisconsin dair y, and cane sugar. For free samples to see how Hollander works in your café, write 56 barista magazine

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