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Article by Sarah Allen Photography by Błażej Szydzisz + Maria Szulc S evere implies somber though, and she's hardly that. Rojes, as her friends call her, is pretty playful when it comes to coffee. Once she accidently found her way in to coffee (more on that later), she set out to conquer it, sourcing the few people in Pozna ń who were as excited about it as she was, and striking up friendships. For example, Rojes and her pals made up the Polish version of a latte art throwdown, only they called it wuchta mleka w kawie, tej! which translates to "a lot of milk in coffee!" "Seventy people came to the fi rst one—we were more than surprised!" she says. "We didn't fi nish the whole event until around 2 a.m. We ended up doing it seven more times. It was fun—we really enjoyed it. Pure fun." Agnieszka RojewskA Poland's COFFEE SUPERSTAR If you were to see her in the midst of her daily routine—striding through the Jeżyce district in Pozna ń , Poland, headphones in, backpack strapped tight, with direction, purpose, intensity—you'd think Agnieszka Rojewska was pretty severe, and she is, in terms of accomplishments. When she's not winning Polish Barista and Latte Art Championships, or trying her hand at Cup Tasters and Brewers Cup, Agnieszka is working on her economics Ph.D., which she expects to fi nish within the year. 59

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