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61 It was instant coffee with milk and a lot of sugar. I didn't like it, so I kept adding more milk and more sugar. But I knew I had to suffer through it because I had plenty of stuff to learn that night. SA: So you've always been a really serious student then? How did you get in to coffee with so many academic pursuits? AR: My coffee career is pure accident! I was fi nishing my fi rst year at university, and my parents forced me to get a summer job. Because I lived just outside Poznań, I traveled every day by train. We had one chain coffee shop there where sometimes I waited for the train home drinking cappuccinos or caramel macchiatos. The day after my last exam, I just asked [if they were] looking for people to work there. They were, so they hired me. [The] fi rst two weeks was training: what espresso is, how to steam milk, all the recipes, customer service, and so on. It was a fun time—I had a really great teacher. Thanks to her I really enjoyed that job. For me, as an introvert, the worst part was the service—talking to customers at the railway station [was diffi cult because] they were always stressed and in a hurry. It was a huge challenge for me. SA: If you're shy, why did you want to compete in coffee? AR: Judyta, the girl I did my training with at the shop, sent in my ap- plication without my permission! She kind of forced me to do it. Today I know that it is the best thing she could have done for me. I'm not a stage person, not a front man. Public performances are very stressful for me—they almost paralyze me. The stage is not my place. So if she didn't do that, I guess I would never have competed. Agnieszka loves spending time with her friends Paulina (Paula) Adamska (right, at top), who placed second in the Polish La e Art Championship twice, and with whom Agnieszka prepares for coff ee contests all over the world; and Barbara (Basia) Kapela, who works at Brisman Kawowy Bar. The adorable dog, Toffi k, belongs to Paulina. Cultivating a workplace that is inclusive, diverse and equal for all, since 1995. Co-founder and CEO Helen Russell was honored to give the keynote at the Coffeewoman Berkeley in June 2017.

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