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2 C O N T R I B U T O R S 1 Tom Abraham is the lead technician at OZO Coffee Company. He loves his job. He has been working in the specialty-coffee industry since 2009. In a past life, he cofounded a DIY music and arts venue in his hometown of Boulder, Colo. He loves fresh mountain air, American histo- ry, and music in minor keys. (Pathfinder, p. 88) 2 Since 2011, Andrew Bettis has sought to learn the intricacies behind coffee brewing, leading to countless hours of exper- imentation and resulting in alienation from his friends and loved ones. He was fortunate to start his career at Velo Coffee in Chattanooga, Tenn., and was a cofounder of Copacetic Coffee. Since moving to Chicago, he has had the pleasure of sitting on the board of New Gotham Coffee Community, as well as working with Ipsento, Café Integral, and Everybody's Coffee. He is now a coffee specialist with Rancilio and is totally enamored with temperature-profiling technology. (Foam, p. 26) 3 Chris Danger is an illustrator and animator from the small town of Wahiawa, Hawaii. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, he animated shows for Disney, Comedy Central, and Cartoon Network. He now lives in Charlottesville, Va., with his girlfriend and their dog, Louie. (Illustration for Bolster Your Brand, p. 82) 4 Sarah Grant is an assistant professor of cultural anthro- pology at California State University, Fullerton. She has been researching Vietnamese coffee for over a decade and loves to share her knowledge about the country's ongoing journey to Arabica bliss. Outside of the classroom she's exploring the L.A. River Bike Path, enjoying Long Beach, and working on a book manuscript about Vietnamese coffee culture and its intersection with local concepts of anxiety and hope. Follow her on Twitter @sarahggrant and Instagram @mmmbanhmi. (Tran Han profile, p. 64) 5 Brian W. Jones is a design nomad and brand consultant who divides his time between Sweden and California. He is creator of the website Dear Coffee, I Love You, author of the book Brew: Better Coffee at Home, and cofounder of Oakland, Calif.–based AKA Coffee and the late Coffee Common. Brian has two design degrees that no one has ever asked to see, but he's given lectures all around the world about branding. Follow his coffee consumption on social media at @DCILY. (Bolster Your Brand, p. 82) 6 RJ Joseph is a genderqueer femme who roasts coffee for Counter Culture Coffee. She writes a blog called Queer Cup where she promotes structural solutions to queer inclu- sivity with a focus on the doable. In her free time you'll find her listening to records and foraging in Oakland with her partner-in-coffee, Ellan. (Foam, p. 22) 7 Jordan Lee is a specialty-coffee fan who started his cof- fee journey in Perth, Western Australia. His main influence are the mates from Five Senses Coffee and Blacklist Coffee Roasters. Jordan is a certified Q-grader and the Cup Tasting Champion 2017 for Western Region, Australia. He moved to the Maldives in 2013 and is still living there. Attire of choice: flip-flops, Tshirts, and shorts everyday. (Field Report: Maldives, p. 40) 8 Stephanie McLean is a chalkboard artist and freelancer living in Portland, Ore. She's studied classical animation, and loves to stare at fonts. She once worked as a mall Easter Bunny. Her work can be viewed at (Illustration for Pathfinder, p. 88, and Share + Share Alike, p. 92) 9 Erin Meister (you can call her just "Meister") has always led a kind of weird, caffeinated double life. As a coffee professional, she's been a barista, retail manager, whole- sale-support representative, and educator; as a journalist she's written and/or edited work for The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, Serious Eats,, and Rachael Ray Every Day magazine—as well as the gem you're hold- ing in your hot little hands. These days she can be found writing content for Cafe Imports, riding her bike around the beautiful Twin Cities, and celebrating the recent release of her book about the history of coffee in New York City. You can email her at (Share + Share Alike, p. 92) 10 Khoa Nguyen Dang has been a freelance photographer since 2008, shooting interiors, abstraction, and street life in an effort to capture the beautiful moments in life. He also has a passion for coffee and likes to experiment with his own blends. Inspired by his friend Will Frith, Khoa took work as a barista and was then promoted to a café man- ager. At the end of 2016, he collaborated with a friend to open a coffee roaster called Indie Bar in Saigon, Vietnam. (Cover photo and photography for Tran Han profile, p. 64) 11 Maciej Ostrowski is a human working as a technician and coffee specialist for Rancilio Group North America. With a background in architecture and robotics, which have given him massive delusions of grandeur, he enjoys exploring the interactions of intricate systems. Originally using the coffee industry as a case study, his passion for coffee caused him to dive deeper. When not tinkering with a machine, he's probably napping with his two cats and dog. (Foam, p. 26) 12 Ashley Rodriguez thought that she'd take a break from teaching middle-school science and putz around in a coffee shop for a few months. She ended up digging it way more than teaching (and was vaguely better at it). After spending five years making coffee in New York, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where she worked for Sightglass Coffee for three years. Ashley is Barista Magazine's online editor. Follow her on Twitter at @ashisacommonname. (Field Report: Host Milano, p. 48) 13 Chris Ryan is Barista Magazine's online copy editor and a freelance writer and editor with a background in the spe- cialty-coffee industry. He has worked as content director at Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers and editor-in-chief of Fresh Cup Magazine. Outside of coffee, he enjoys baseball, running, and crossword puzzles. (Foam, p. 30) 2 4 8 10 12 3 9 11 13 7 6 5 1 12 barista magazine

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