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T I P J A R COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, LOVE, AND HATE PHONE: 800.296.9108 FAX: 971.223.3659 TIPJAR@BARISTAMAGAZINE.COM I have enjoyed the series called "Share + Share Alike" (August + September 2017, October + November 2017) very much! I am excited for the fi nal installment in the next issue. This has been a reminder of how charitable the coffee world can be. I have been in this business for many years—I opened my fi rst retail shop when I was right out of college, in 1999—and I have seen things you wouldn't believe. I have seen shop owners speak ill of one another—even just with their neighbors down the street. I have seen roasters spread rumors about other roasters. There have been instances that have made me ques- tion why I am in this community. Thankfully, that has changed almost entirely in the last 10 or so years. What got me through times when I didn't feel like I had a pro- fessional community was my customer community. Now I have seven shops in three cities, and a wonderful professional community, and many terrifi c customers. I have loved this series of articles because it tells about why sharing and helping one another along is critical to our survival and success as a whole. Don't get me wrong: I run a business, and as such, I am responsible for my employees, and the quality of my product. I want to succeed. But I can succeed without stepping on my neighbors' backs. I appreciate that this series has highlighted that. In particular, I enjoyed part two of the series (October + Novem- ber 2017) which details how and why sharing education and knowl- edge is so important. I made photocopies of this article and passed it out to the managers at each of my shops. One of them told me she had passed it on to a competitor café in town, and I was thrilled. We are sharing knowledge about sharing knowledge! We wanted you all at Barista Magazine to know how important your content has been and continues to be for us. Thank you. J. Kramer Tulsa, Okla. Great article about the ways pourover bars have changed in the past few years. I remember when Barista had articles about this "new" trend, years ago! The third-wave shop owners were reviving a style of brewing that originated decades ago. Now it has evolved again. I nev- er heard of the Poursteady before this article, and now I am planning a road trip to go see one in person, since none of the shops in my area has one. Anyway, automation can be a good thing, and it's nice to see it marry with this hand-crafted method of making coffee that is still a very special thing. Caterina Aniello Toronto, Canada Only in Barista Magazine would I fi nd an article about how important it is for café managers and owners to take care of their employees and protect them. I cannot thank you enough! The article ("A Safe Envi- ronment for Your Staff," October + November 2017) was uplifting and inspiring: Uplifting because it is incredible to learn about business own- ers so committed to their employees' health and safety, and inspiring because they discuss it in a way that shows any other café owner can do them same thing. There is no excuse for a manager or owner to not have systems in place that protect their staff and advocate for their well-be- ing. Wonderful, wonderful. Thank you, Barista Magazine. Gloria York Reston, Va. Bravo, RJ Joseph, for the article "10 Low-Cost Solutions for Im- proving Employee Retention" (October + November 2017). What a great idea! I wish this article had come out fi ve years ago when I fi rst opened my café, because I would fret about not having the money to give my staff health insurance. Now, I'm fortunate to be able to offer it. But there are ways to make your staff feel appreciated and cared for without spending more than you have—that's what this article explains, and it's awesome. I'm saving this one! Claire Carpenter Doylestown, Pa . Correction: The president of the Portuguese Barista Association was misidentifi ed in the October + November 2017 issue's "Takeaway" section. The president is Inês Mendes. d 16 barista magazine

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