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Continued on page 20 PHOTO BY JESSICA CAISSE Stylin' #shestheroaster Shirts Not sure what to gift your favorite coffee professional this holiday sea- son? You can't go wrong with a #shestheroaster Tshirt, which features a hand-drawn design by Jen Apodaca, vice chair of the Roasters Guild and coffee ally to all. In 2016, the #shestheroaster hashtag was started with the goal of increasing the visibility of women as professional coffee roasters, says Jen, who teamed with Talor Browne, Joanna Alm, and Caitlin McCar- thy-Garcia to create the grassroots crusade. A year later, it has become an international networking tool for women in the industry. "Our mission is to promote and encourage more women in the coffee industry to become professional coffee roasters," says Jen of #shes- theroaster, which is powered entirely by volunteers. Jen encourages readers to be on the lookout for #shestheroaster "hangouts"—i.e., casual gatherings where women can network and learn more about the craft of roasting—nearby, or consider hosting one. "Whether you're a barista applying for a roasting gig or an accountant wanting to know more about the process, all are welcome," she says. The #shestheroaster shirts are $25 each, and all proceeds from sales go to the creation of scholarships for women to further their education and career development. The Bella Canvas unisex tri-blend shirts come in extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and extra-extra large, in mauve or grass green. To purchase a shirt and learn more about #shestheroaster, visit Follow @shestheroaster on Instagram. Scholarship details will be released in 2018. AWAY TAKE Coffee Equity Toolkit Promotes Inclusivity For as intellectual and vocal as the specialty-coffee community can be, there are surprisingly few resources for support and inclusion. So RJ Joseph and Jenn Chen decided to do something about it: This fall, the two San Francisco Bay Area–based coffee professionals launched the Coffee Equity Toolkit, a new resource billed as being "for and about diversity and inclusion in the special- ty-coffee industry." The toolkit collects articles and links to other resources on topics such as racism, human resources, and health. In a posted mission statement, the Coffee Equity Toolkit says the content on the site "details how to improve the coffee industry and strengthen those within it, especially those from marginalized backgrounds or demographics. We are a hub of information fortifi ed by group participation, so add helpful resources as you encounter them or even create them yourself." "Most coffee companies don't have an HR department. I'm going to hazard a guess that most don't consider hiring a more diverse staff. And when someone mentions, 'Hey, you have an all-white staff,' and the company shrugs and says, 'We don't know how to hire diversely,' I get mad," Jenn says. "There are so many industries out there that have already addressed this. It's a Google search away." "Coffee Equity Toolkit is a resource people can browse in their free time, but it's also a place that marginalized coffee folks can send their friends, family, and coworkers when they're tired of answering the same questions about their experience over and over," says RJ. "It's an educational tool, but even more so, it's an emotional-labor-saving tool." PHOTO BY JENN CHEN 18 barista magazine

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