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"Every variable makes a difference in how coffee is ground," John says of the Revo, which will hit the market in spring 2018. "Let's say you're grinding coffee, and you start the grinder, put in your coffee, open the chute. The height at which you put the coffee in affects how the coffee will be ground." John noted that the Revo removes many of the variables that can affect consistency in coffee, remarking that the most important thing is to taste your coffee, and to make deci- sions with uniformity in mind. The Revo creates a more consistent grind setting by having a vertical dual chamber—there are the three hoppers, and then an empty chamber below the hoppers equipped with a scale developed in partnership with Acaia, the company responsible for some of the most sophisticated and durable scales on the market. The top hopper dispenses a set amount of coffee into the lower grinding chamber, and once the desired weight is reached, the bottom chamber opens up and the coffee is ground using 98mm burrs. There's little to no grounds retention or inconsistency in doses, and the coffee is ground the same way each time. Small, subtle variables, like the speed and velocity of the coffee moving through the grinder, are eliminated. Along with this innovative setup, the Revo boasts an electronic screen where you can regulate dose and change the grind setting, and the machine reads the ambient temperature of the burrs and the relative humidity. Nuova Simonelli wasn't far behind on the gossip circuit. The World Barista Cham- pionship sponsor drew enormous crowds throughout the show with the debut of two new products at Host. In the spirit of inno- vative grinder systems, Simonelli introduced the Mythos 2, which will also be released in spring 2018. The Mythos 2 also boasts some celebrity coffee consultants, including Colin Harmon, a multi-time WBC fi nalist and Irish Barista Champion, who was on hand to explain the grinder's new features, including an update to the grinder's patented Clima technology—which keeps the grinder at an ideal temperature throughout the day as opposed to fl uctuating in temperature when in use—as well as dose consistency based on weight, and complete control over the RPMs of the grinder. The Mythos 1 debuted at Host four years ago, and its subsequent popularity among specialty-coffee pros made the release of the Mythos 2 all the more exciting. In a sprawl- ing display in the front corner of one of the pavilions, the Simonelli booth had coffee enthusiasts and hospitality experts alike eager to see the new innovations the grinder touts. As we approached the crowded booth, a barista escorted us to one of the grinders and pulled shots of espresso on a Black Eagle, the model best known for being the offi cial WBC machine. The barista displayed the difference in taste and aroma of coffees ground at different RPMs—a variable that, truthfully, we'd never considered until Host. RPM speed affects how slowly or quickly espresso is ground, and contributes greatly to its fi nal taste in the cup. As we tried shots pulled at 500, 900, and 1,300 RPMs, we were shocked by how this seemingly overlooked variable affected the sweetness and aftertaste of the espresso. It was sort of like Goldilocks: The fi rst was too fast, the third was too slow, and the middle one was just right. The Mythos 2 wasn't the only thing attracting crowds at Sim- onelli. The just-released Aurelia Wave, which is an updated model of the current Aurelia espresso machine designed to monitor and control water quality, was another show-stopper. Along with a digital display screen and ergonomically placed mirrors and control 51

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