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TEMPERATURE DROP Equator Coffees & Teas is excited to debut its new Cold Coffee and Cold Latte in a can. There's something different about this RTD, though: Equator's cold coffee may be cold, but it's not cold-brewed. Instead, the master coffee craftspeople use hot water to extract the coffee's complex flavors, which highlights its natural sweetness and smoothness. Tr y it for yourself at one of Equator's beautiful San Francisco Bay Area caf├ęs. MILK TO PERFECTION Discerning design, education, and dependability come together in the Rattleware Milk to Per fection steaming pitcher, which contains a central tube designed to help baristas swirl milk correctly. Because the correct whirlpool motion prevents burning and yields the smooth microfoam necessar y for latte art, this pitcher is a great tool for training and for ensuring product consistency. It can also help even a practiced barista achieve optimum milk texture with more difficult alternative milks. 61

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