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2 3 5 4 Coulter Sunderman COULTER LOVES BREWISTA'S COLD PRO SYSTEM Roastmaster, H+S Coffee Roasters Laramie, Wyo. We take our nitro program seriously, and until recently had been using a fully hot-brewed, flash-chilled method. This summer, we switched over to a hot-bloom method using Brewista's Cold Pro system. It gives us nearly all the flavor of our previous method, but with far less labor. Consistency is way up, and this system is much more scalable as our nitro program grows. Emma Stratigos EMMA LOVES FRESH FLOWERS ON THE COUNTER Store Leader at Gregorys Coffee Special Project New York City Having fresh flowers on the counter is a simple touch that adds a lot to the customer experience. We keep ours right where drinks are passed out at the espresso bar. I like to think that getting a drink with gorgeous latte art and having beautiful flowers in your face must be a pretty great moment for most people. It's satisfying when I find the perfect bouquet because it enhances the mood of the shop and it becomes a conversation starter. The flowers are a fun way to add positivity to the guests' day, and that ultimately makes my job easier. Dani Goot DANI LOVES HER KALITA WAVE BREWER Coffee Strategy and Business Development, Bellwether Coffee Oakland, Calif. I happily take unsolicited coffees from roasters around the world, from home roasters to pro roasters. I get asked to taste these coffees and give as much feedback as I can. I use the Kalita Wave 185 Brewer for all my tastings. This flat-bottom brewer does a fantastic job with laying down a perfect bed of grounds and extraction flow. It just works—I love this babe so much! Jessie Fernandez JESSIE LOVES LIBBEY GIBRALTAR-STYLE CORTADO CUPS Logistics Manager + Barista, Panther Coffee Wynwood Miami I love Libbey Gibraltar-style cortado cups! I like using them to dial-in espresso. They spread the crema out and I like to see the coffee while it pulls. You can use them for cuppings. Pouring cortados is damned fun, and it's so nice to watch the milk and espresso blend. They're great for tasting, and damned classy. And you can't forget that they make a perfect place to deposit the skimmed crust from a French press. You can also use them for storing screws and milk tips, and they're perfect for serving baby chocolate milks! 75

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