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6 8 Emma Sanchez EMMA LOVES THE ACAIA LUNAR SCALE Assistant Manager, Verve Coffee San Francisco My favorite shift while working in coffee has always been, and will always be, opening bar. It's that magical time of day before most people are awake, and it's just me, my headphones, and the 'spro I'm dialing-in. This is why the Acaia Lunar scale is my best friend. It allows me to be both precise and speedy while dialing in the 'spro that will make my customers happy throughout the day. Connor Smith CONNOR LOVES OATLY Barista + Educator + Director of Words, Metric Coffee Co. Chicago Oatly is a dream come true. It replicates the mouthfeel of milk far more accurately than any other dairy alternative I have encountered throughout my five years in the industry. In addition to its natural viscosity, Oatly stands up to the trauma of steaming; it yields perfect microfoam for capps, lattes, etc. And steamed oat milk retains enough elasticity to produce some great latte art, too. Lastly—but perhaps most importantly—it simply tastes great! A slight oat flavor gives way to a round sweetness. It simply cannot be beat. Howard Chang HOWARD LOVES HIS COMPANY'S SIDE- WALK SANDWICH BOARD Founder, Space Craft Coffee Brooklyn, N.Y. Our sidewalk sandwich board has been an integral member of Space Craft Coffee since day one. She's not the greatest latte artist on the squad, but she has graciously served our customers through extreme weather conditions, been kicked, yelled at, trampled, and has spent more time tipped over on the sidewalk concrete than we baristas can even count. She has successfully recovered from multiple emergency repair procedures, yet even after all this, somehow manages to never be tardy and greets customers with a warm, welcoming smile every single morning. Talk about a team player. Ian Levine IAN LOVES HIS COMPANY'S CUSTOM KNOCKBOX Manager of Digital Marketing + Special Projects, Caffe Luxxe Santa Monica, Calif. Cleanliness and efficiency are two key factors in a well- managed bar. Working bar in a high-volume café, you need to find every opportunity to maximize the time you spend making drinks and keeping your customers smiling. With our "Big-Ass Custom Knockbox" (B.A.C.K.), we're able to kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, positioning our grinders right in front of the chute means that all the stray coffee from dosing, purging, and distributing falls directly into the trash. Secondly, the B.A.C.K. feeds right into a big-ass trash bag, reducing the number of times you need take out the trash. 7 9 76 barista magazine

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