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10 12 Kristina Jackson KRISTINA LOVES THE BLACK CAT PROJECT ESPRESSO TAMPER Barista, Intelligentsia Coffee Watertown, Mass. When I joined Intelligentsia, I made a commitment to myself to re-evaluate my bar basics—distribution, extraction, latte art, all of it. I had serious wrist injury in the past, so I'm hyper aware of my tamping technique. The Black Cat Project Espresso Tamper has a flat base that leaves no space to cause channeling, but what I love the most is that it's very light in weight. This tamp made my training process very easy, so I can focus on other fun stuff, like tasting coffee! Eric Myers ERIC LOVES THE MARCO MIX UC3 CEO + Founder, Lofty Coffee Co. Encinitas, Calif. Here at Lofty Coffee, we were very excited to get our hands on the new Marco Mix UC3, and we have found it to be such a good addition to our flow of service that we installed another one at our Solana Beach café. The ability to have three preset volumes of water to dispense at three different temperatures can greatly enhance service flow and product quality. We use one of the buttons to dispense just the right amount of water at 180°F for our more delicate teas, and the other two buttons are set at 200°F for brewing coffee but at two different volumes. One volume is the perfect amount of water for a long black, and the other one is the correct amount for a [Kalita] pourover. Mariana Faerron Gutierrez MARIANA LOVES HER POCKETKNIFE Owner, Tico Coffee Roasters Campbell, Calif. When I was in college studying agricultural economy, as part of one of the classes in tropical crops we had to learn grafting and rowing. This is when I got my first pocketknife, and I have been so happy with this tool ever since. Now that I own a coffee-roasting business, I use it to open the coffee bags, to remove the basket from the portafilter if I don't have a screwdriver handy, when I have events off-site and need to quickly cut something, poke ice, and so on. This tool gives me flexibility whether I'm roasting, playing with my espresso machine, on a training, or hiking in the Bay Area. Umeko Motoyoshi UMEKO LOVES FEEDBACK Head of Coffee, Sudden Coffee San Francisco When I'm doing product development, it's invaluable to compare notes with people who don't work in coffee. My customers and coworkers are awesome at this! It really helps me to understand the coffee from another perspective. They always pick up on things that are super interesting and unexpected, or use words and descriptors that are really illuminating. They often talk about flavor and aroma in ways that I haven't heard before, and it makes me think through what they're describing in a different way. I always make sure that the coffee tastes good to me and to them before I'm ready to roll it out. Umeko is pictured with Sudden Coffee's shipping manager, LaToya Sims. "She always gives me insightful product feedback," Umeko adds. 11 13 79

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