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Joe Basilone JOE LOVES MILKADAMIA Owner, Perkolator Coffee Chicago, Ill. Milkadamia is perfect for people that are serious about their dairy alternative being something that doesn't negatively impact the flavor and mouthfeel of their favorite beverages. We use the Milkadamia Latte Da for our drinks, and the unsweetened when making vegan cream soups at our café. Kids love the original as a plain or chocolate milk, and our new customers are always surprised by the exotic appeal of Milkadamia in our lineup. Joe (left) is pictured with Perkolater's bar manager, Antonio Rodriguez. Kate Dorman KATE LOVES PACIFIC FOODS' BARISTA SERIES RICE Director of Education, Water Avenue Coffee Portland, Ore. I like Barista Series Rice because it pours beautifully and holds its shape when pouring different designs. Also, its flavor complements the profile of our espresso really well. Akaash Saini AKAASH LOVES THE ACAIA HEAT PAD Community Engagement Manager, Equator Coffees & Teas San Rafael, Calif. Please use the heat-resistant pad that Acaia provides with every scale. I've been to countless cafés with pad-less scales. An Acaia scale is sensitive to temperature! There's a "Bluetooth" and other "computer-y things" inside of it. Would you pour hot water on your MacBook Pro? The good people at Acaia sells replacements for $20. In conclusion, use the heat pad. Make sure your scale lives a long and accurate life. Cole Torode COLE LOVES ACME & CO. TASTING CUP (110 ML) Partner, Rosso Coffee Roasters Calgary, Alberta, Canada This little cup from Acme is my new go-to for espresso and short milk drinks. Unlike most other handleless cups, it has a thick ceramic band around the top which doesn't burn your hands and makes it easy to hold, and gives it unbeatable heat retention. It's perfect for pulling shots with either a naked or spouted portafilter: It's wide enough to catch all the coffee, but small enough to be the right serving size. Although it's small, the angle of the inside curve of the cup makes it really easy to pour latte art into. 14 16 17 15 80 barista magazine

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