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C O N T R I B U T O R S 1 Emma Bork is a studying photojournalist, with a spe- cial interest in photographing people. She was recently in Iran as part of her studies at Vallekilde Folk High School. (Foam, p. 22) 2 San Francisco–based coffee marketer Jenn Chen uses compelling words and photography to make specialty-coffee companies look stunning online. She believes in the power of creating inclusive digital and in-person communities. When she is not working, you can find her with ice cream in one hand and a donut in another. For more, www. or @thejennchen. (Photos for 10 Awesome Independent Coffee Events in 2017, p. 70) 3 Al Higgins is a photographer living in Dublin, Ireland, though frequently travelling to shoot various portrait, doc- umentary and travel assignments. While he's never worked behind the bar, Al has represented Ireland in the World Cup Tasting Championships and drinks a substantial amount of coffee. (Cover photo + photos for 2017 World Barista Champion Dale Harris feature, p. 54) 4 Alex Lambert and Jason "Double J" Johnson are the cofounders of Black Rabbit Service Co., an independent specialty-coffee equipment sales and service company based in Portland, Ore. When not wrenching and benching machines, they both spend time with their families, hang out at the occasional metal show or comic book store, or head out into nature for some camping and relax- ation. (High Maintenance, p. 92) 5 RJ Joseph roasts coffee and writes a blog called Queer Cup ( in addition to her other adventures in coffee journalism. Her writing focuses primarily on equity, workers' rights, and alternatives to the status quo. In her free time she loves cooking, reading, and being in Oakland, Calif. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @rj_sproseph. (10 Awesome Independent Coffee Events in 2017, p. 70; Coexisting at Work: Relationships on the Job, p. 86) 6 Lauren Lathrop is a coffee educator living in Portland, Ore. She also serves as a head judge for the United States Barista Championship. She loves to cook and post photos of her wife and cats online, and she rides her bike to work every day. Even in the rain. (Coexisting at Work: Sexual Harassment Policies, p. 80) 7 Phil Markel has been drawing pictures since he can remember. His illustrations and designs can be seen on Rogue Ales bottles, including the new Rogue Farms series. Along with beer, coffee is Phil's main beverage of choice, and he's excited about contributing to Barista. He resides with his wife, son, and dog in the Portland, Ore., area, where he also works as a designer for a local church. Phil's portfolio can be seen at (Illustrations for High Maintenance, p. 92) 8 Erin Meister (you can call her just "Meister") has always led a kind of weird, caffeinated double life. As a coffee professional, she's been a barista, retail manager, wholesale-support representative, and educator; as a journalist she's written and/or edited work for The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, Serious Eats,, and Rachael Ray Every Day magazine—as well as the gem you're holding in your hot little hands. These days she can be found writing content for Cafe Imports, riding her bike around the beautiful Twin Cities, and celebrating the recent release of her book about the history of coffee in New York City. You can email her at (The Unglamorous Side of Starting a Coffee Company, p. 76) 9 Rachel Northrop writes about the nuances of coffee's global supply chain and works as a green-coffee sales rep for Ally Coffee's specialty division, where she connects roasters with meaningful information about agriculture and community at coffee origins. (Foam, p. 24) 10 Jessica C. Ornelas is weekday graphic designer and weekend-warrior barista at Roy Street Coffee and Tea based in Seattle. Her love for travel and coffee influence her worldview and fuel her approach to design. With one foot in the coffee world and one foot in the design world, Jess has been able to collaborate on designs for The Coffeewoman, Street Bean Espresso, and Cherry Street Public House. You can follow her adventures in coffee and design on Instagram @peregrina15, and view her work at (Illustrations for Coexisting at Work: Sexual Harassment Policies, p. 80; Relationships on the Job, p. 86) 11 Ashley Rodriguez thought that she'd take a break from teaching middle school science and putz around in a coffee shop for a few months. She ended up digging it way more than teaching (and was vaguely better at it). After spending five years making coffee in New York, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where she worked for Sightglass Coffee for three years. Ashley is Barista Magazine Online's editor. Follow her on Twitter at @ashisacommonname. (Foam, p. 27; Field Report: Miami, p. 34; Master Q + A, p. 96) 12 Chris Ryan is Barista Magazine Online's copy editor and a freelance writer and editor with a background in the specialty-coffee industry. He has worked as content director at Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers and editor-in-chief of Fresh Cup Magazine. Outside of coffee, he enjoys base- ball, running, and crossword puzzles. (2017 World Barista Champion Dale Harris, p. 54) 13 Freja Sønnichsen is a Danish journalism student, currently studying at Vallekilde Folk High School. She previ- ously lived, worked, and studied in Chicago. (Foam, p. 22) 2 4 8 10 3 9 11 12 13 7 6 5 1 12 barista magazine

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