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What are you taking away from our awesome coffee world right now? Let us know about cool trends, fun gear, killer drinks, events, places, people—you get the idea! Email RoasterJoe TV Cafe Imports has recently launched a new video series, Roasting Concepts, with the fi rst of eight installments exploring some of the elements of the roaster's craft—the art and science of roasting coffee—that have traditionally been taught solely only through apprenticeship, frustrating trial-and-error, or very expensive coursework and consultancy. "We want to blow all of that up in this series of vid- eos," says the video's host and Cafe Imports' director of education, Joe Marrocco. "This is not a prescription to roasting, but rather an effort to help people concep- tualize the areas of knowledge and skills that we believe lead to successful roast- ing." The videos feature in-depth explanation of not only what happens during a roast, but also why, and features Joe's friendly, approachable, and open-minded take on teaching. "We want to open roasters' minds to new possibilities, and encourage them to explore in new directions," Joe says. The videos, which will be released in succession over seven weeks (starting with this introduction class, "The Seed") and housed in a permanent archive, will be free to watch. The Created Co. Takes on Café Wares Good news for baristas: The Created Co. is expanding its line of custom drinkware to include three new collections of hospital- ity-grade wares: Angle, Curve, and Drip. Built to withstand daily wear and tear behind bar, each collection is marked by a distinctive aesthetic—a sharp angle, a smooth curve, an easy-to- grip handle—yet all serve the same purpose: to increase the ac- cessibility of high-quality service wares for the coffee industry. "We repeatedly heard frustrations from customers about how many different vendors they had to work with to supply their cafés," says Created Co. cofounder Jeremy Moss. "We saw an opportunity to solve a problem and offer a high-quality product to our friends in the coffee industry." The Angle and Curve Col- lections will be available in four styles ranging from 3–12 ounc- es, and the Drip Collection will feature three 12-ounce styles and one 16-ounce style. Each collection can be ordered in white, gray, or black, and all styles are available for customization. The KRUVE Sifter: Competition Darling World-level coffee competitors don't mess around when it comes to their tools. On the approach to the World Barista Championship (WBC) or World Brewers Cup (WBrC), con- tenders focus their energy and attention on only what will help bring home a victory—there's no room for clutter or extraneous gizmos. So when we noticed how many compet- itors at the WBC in Seoul, South Korea, in November were using the KRUVE Sifter, we were intrigued. Sure, the Sift- er—a system of sieves that allows the user to refi ne coffee grounds for particle uniformity—is compact for easy travel. But neither Ben Put of Canada, Hugh Kelly of Australia, nor Miki Suzuki of Japan are the kinds of folks to bring a gadget to Worlds just because it was easy to pack. No, these are some of the most discerning coffee professionals in the business. We asked them what was it about the KRUVE Sifter that impressed them so much? Ben says it was "the anchor of my signature drink. It's amazing." Apparently so, since it's showing up at the World Latte Art Championship (Poland's repeat Latte Art Champion Agnieszka Rojewska is a fan) and at the World Brewers Cup (Slovakian Brewers Cup champ Veronika Gálová Veselá, pictured, sings its prais- es). The list of KRUVE Sifter devotees goes on—Austria's Michael Prem, Finland's Jarno Peräkylä, Turkey's Nisan Agca—and speaks for itself. Veronika Gálová Veselá, Brewers Cup Champion of Slovakia, says she couldn't imagine competing without the help of her KRUVE Si er. 20 barista magazine

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