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P U L L : E V E N T S Photos clockwise from top le : As part of the CoLab: Belfast Community Events Program, CoLab- ers had the chance to join a walking tour with Belfast Coff ee Tours using the Belfast Coff ee Map. Taking in a handful of Belfast cafés and enjoying a variety of coff ees and delicacies along the way proved a fantastic way for a endees to immerse themselves in the local coff ee scene. Fermentor Kathe Kaczmarzyk was the second speaker of the day at CoLab: Belfast, fi lling the Outside Industries slot with the lecture, "The Culture of Fermentation." This presentation off ered an insight into the wonderful world of bacteria and fermentation processes across the globe. During the a ernoon at CoLab, a endees are invited to join each of the morning speakers for a workshop that goes deeper into each presentation topic. In the session led by Ralf Rueller, who owns The Barn in Berlin, CoLab-ers were challenged to create a business plan for a new café using the factors outlined in his talk, "Establishing a Specialty Café: The Essential Building Blocks." CoLab typically a racts an audience of local and international coff ee professionals from across Europe. CoLab: Belfast drew a particularly large number of a endees from the U.K. and Ireland, and off ered the chance for locals to connect and take time out to share and learn from each other. Sarah Hannaway of Bailies Coff ee served up espresso during a coff ee break on equipment provided by Food Solutions Limited. 32 barista magazine

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