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40 barista magazine classic Cuban congregation spot, which was named after France's Palace of Versailles. Touting itself as the "Most Famous Cuban Restaurant in Miami," Versailles opened in 1971 and has been a pop- ular gathering spot for Cuban exiles, particularly for talking politics, and particularly politics with anti-Castro and Communist sentiments. You might be tempted to pronounce Versailles as the French do—ver- sigh—but the locals will pronounce it with three syllables: ver-sigh-eh. Don't get distracted by the smells of ropa vieja and vaca frita com- ing from the main restaurant—Versailles' ventanita is where all the action takes place. If you're running for political offi ce, take an elbow at the restaurant's ventanita, where you might see similarly minded folks courting the Cuban vote. Go up to the window for pastelitos (Cuban turnovers, traditionally fi lled with guava), or maybe a tostada (Cuban bread pressed and buttered—my breakfast of choice), and the person on the other side will look up for a second to say, "DimeÓ—or "tell me"—to take your order and then move on to the next patron. Now here's where the debate happens: What exactly is a Cuban coffee? In every café I've worked, I've heard dozens of stories, a thousand requests for some sort of espresso-plus-sugar combination. Here at these windows, when you go up and order "café Cubano" (or if you're a local, just "café"), you'll get an espresso (single? double? PHOTO COURTESY OF ALL DAY All Day MIA is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking cafés in the United States, and seamlessly blends an elevated coff ee and food experience with Cuban coff ee traditions and designs. Like most Cuban restaurants, you can pull up to the ventanita at All Day and slam an espresso while enjoying Cuban pastries like croquetas. ¼ GET THE BARISTA MAGAZINE APP! Download entire issues of Barista Magazine to your phone and tablet FOR FREE!

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