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S T U F F : P R O D U C T S DANG, THOSE DIMPLES ARE CUTE! They say you can't improve on a classic, but Your Brand Café accepted the challenge with its newly redesigned Dimpled Sleeves. The first and most noticeable change is the dimpled sur face, which makes the cup easier to hold and utilizes air pockets to create insulation. The second—and arguably the most exciting—addition is the full-wrap and full-color printing option. Using a CMYK process, Your Brand Café can now print virtually anything on these sleeves, from black-ink-only art to a veritable rainbow of color. DELICIOUS FOR YOU, GOOD FOR THE PLANET Spyhouse Coffee has been roasting since 2013, expanding each year and striving to improve on its mission to provide exceptional coffee experiences. Taking a step forward with a clean and streamlined design at the beginning of 2018, Spyhouse's coffee is now available in the most ecofriendly bags on the market with Pacific Bag's Biotre 2.0—all of which is 60-percent compostable and 100-percent renewable, including the valve. Spyhouse looks forward to continue to provide your caffeine fix with an earth-friendly focus. GOOD AS GOLD The Ponte Vecchio Export Gold espresso machine is a sight to behold. With a spring- piston-operated manual lever, the Ponte Vecchio boasts a traditional look with modern finishes. The stainless-steel body is coated with a 24-karat gold galvanic treatment, which gives the machine its unparalleled glamorous look. With wooden accents on the portafilter handle, top tray holder, steam knob, and boiler cap, the combination of gold and wood makes the Vecchio Export Gold a showstopper and a formidable workhorse in any café. The Ponte Vecchio Export is also available in stainless steel without the gold treatment. MERSHA MERSHA ME One origin in two processes form the heart of Ver ve's "Mersha Mersha" seasonal blend. The blend celebrates the range of flavors characteristic of the Chelelektu washing station in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Coffee collected by the vibrant Chelelektu community is either washed or naturally processed upon its arrival at the mill, and this blend balances the complex and unique flavors of both methods. 44 barista magazine

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