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Dillanos BOMBS AWAY FOR GREAT COLD BREW ALL DAY The innovative design of the Brew Bomb X45 Cold Brew System provides the brewmaster with complete control over all variables, thus delivering the ability to craft unique coffees as well as control batch consistency. With an extremely versatile batch capacity—2.5 to 60 gallons—and brew cycles as short as an hour, the Brew Bomb is a multipurpose brewer. It can brew anything and ever ything from small-batch Gesha to commercial-batch concentrates, and it can do it fast. The brewer's simple design is self-filtering, and the extraction process— coffee in and spent grinds out—is simplified, requiring just a 15-minute cleanup. S T U F F : P R O D U C T S CHAI IT NATURALLY Bhakti Chai was founded based on the principle of an Indian movement called Bhakti, which means devotion through social action in Sanskrit. In 2007, Bhakti Chai was born with the vision of fusing vibrant flavors, created from the highest-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, in artisan craft-brewed products. Just as cardamom is steeped into all of Bhakti Chai's products for a sweeter, more fragrant, and spicier flavor, charitable donations are infused into the way the company does business. The Bhakti movement is further embraced through the company's commitment to sustainable business practices. Bhakti is B Corp certified, and uses Fair Trade, non-GMO Project verified, and organic ingredients. DILLANOS COFFEE SAFETY WARNING: CONSUMING MAY INCREASE HAPPINESS & CAUSE YOU TO LOVE YOUR JOB AGAIN HELP PEOPLE, MAKE FRIENDS, HAVE FUN at DILLANOS.COM 53

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