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RUNNER-UP Miki Suzuki, Maruyama Coffee Barista Champion of Japan What was the inspiration for your signature drink? The inspiration [came] from cocktails. I used a lot of methods from bar- tender skills, like aroma diffuser, vacuum blender, and lactic acid. What coffee did you use? Finca Alasitas, Gesha, Washed, Bolivia. What was the exact recipe? For four glasses: • Espresso: 140g (espresso recipe 20g/70g) • Freeze-dried lactic acid: 0.1g • Freeze-dried Acacia honey: 8g • Lavender aroma from aroma diffuser Were there special drinking instructions for the judges? None. Anything else to add about the drink? My signature drink's main theme is "discover the new fl avors in super-long extraction." When I played [with the] espresso with my double-grind method, I found new fl avors like apple and grape that I couldn't [taste] in my espres- so [beforehand]. I was excited, but because of [the] super extraction, it tasted bad: It lacked sweetness and tasted astringent. So I wanted to maintain beautiful fl avor and improve the taste balance and texture, [and eventually] I [devel- oped] this drink and recipe. This is the story of my journey of signature drink! 65

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