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SIXth PLACE Kyle Ramage, Black + White Coffee Roasters Barista Champion of the United States What was the inspiration for your signature drink? I am a big craft-beer guy, and I enjoy both IPAs and sour beers. A local brewery we collaborate with now had a dry-hopped kettle sour that I really loved. That was the inspiration. Brewers use these crazy bitter hops to make fruity fl avors, [so I thought] maybe it will work with coffee, too. Turns out it was lovely adding fl oral [notes], stone fruit, and a structured bitterness to the drink. Does it have a name? In the [United States Barista Championship], I called it "From Durham with Love," but at WBC, it went nameless. Not sure why exactly. What was the exact recipe? • 120ml special-prep Washed Nuguo • 35ml Mosaic hop tea (1 ounce of hops to 1L of water) • 12ml of dark-honey simple syrup • 25ml of tartaric acid solution (2g to 200g of water). Turns out it is really hard to weigh out one gram of something. Into the frozen charger with 1x NO 2 charge. Were there special drinking instructions for the judges? [They were asked to drink it in] two sips, being careful to sip into the brown liquid. Anything else to add about the drink? [It was a] crazy cool homage to the fl avors of Gesha turning white fl owers and stone fruit into bergamot and tropical fruit. 69

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