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102 barista magazine Why is one steam wand more powerful than the other on my espresso machine? Probably because it needs a rebuild. Basically if one wand is more powerful than the other, you can usually guess that there is a clog somewhere that is restricting the fl ow. It could be the tip itself. You can check it by poking the holes out with a pin, and if that weakness you were feeling in the steam wand goes away, it was likely a milk clog. Make sure your baristas are purging and wiping the wands after steaming every drink. If that isn't it, another possibility is that there could be a clog in the tubing that leads from the boiler to the wand, or a clog in the valve itself, or a clog in the wand. A tech should be checking all of these things when performing a rebuild. You may want to let them know you're experiencing a pressure or fl ow difference so they can be sure to check all of the possibilities. —Alex My hot-water tower is sending out water that is too hot. How do I adjust the internal temp of the tower? The short answer is, it depends on the make and model of your tower. Some towers have buttons right on the front to increase or decrease the temperature. If yours doesn't, it likely has a thermostat or digital control inside that only a qualified tech should access. Opening any piece of coffee equipment is dangerous as there are a lot of wires carrying a lot of electrical potential that, if mishandled, could damage your equipment, or worse seriously injure (or, yes, even kill) someone without proper training. Also, it should go without saying that a hot-water tower is full of—you guessed it—hot water. The water in a tower can seriously burn or scald someone, so if you don't have the type of machine that allows the end user to adjust from outside the machine, then you're definitely gonna want to call a technician. —Alex Got a question about coffee equipment? We'd love to help! Just email your thoughts and queries to

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