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they are in a fast-food setting, which can not only lead them to treat employees with less respect, but also the product itself. If you think uniforms are the right fi t for your café, you can make sure the clothing you choose is both inclusive and professional by be- ing ready to spring for higher quality and providing access to proper sizes and cuts, not just the standard male XS through XXL. That will help all employees access a professional appearance and give their best service in the workplace. GENDERED DRESS CODES Generally speaking, employers who want to create a safe, comfortable environment for all workers should avoid gendered dress codes, which have the potential to create a huge array of inclusivity and comfort is- sues in the café. Gendered dress-code rules can operate in both more formal dress-code settings and looser ones. In a more formal dress-code setting, the ways that gendered dress codes can play out have a lot of potential to be outright discriminatory or exclusive. Simply put, cafés that want to promote gender equity and employee safety should not have rules that force or pressure female employees to wear skirts, high heels, or makeup; conversely, they shouldn't ban or pressure male employees from wearing the same. It's also important that gender-nonconforming Pros: Cohesive, professional appearance Can create feeling of unity Cons: Expensive Can reduce comfort and individual expression Pros: Creates cohesive scene Limits employee expense Easy to enforce equitably Cons: Limits creativity Could make barista look or feel like fast-food worker Pros: Maximizes barista comfort, which can promote morale Least likely to make baristas feel discriminated against Can promote comfortable, approachable café setting for customers Cons: Harder to enforce issues with unprofessional appearance without more specifi c rules STRICT BUSINESS CASUAL DRESS CODE UNIFORM LOOSE DRESS CODE Pros and Cons of Different Dress Codes 108 barista magazine

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