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What are you taking away from our awesome coffee world right now? Let us know about cool trends, fun gear, killer drinks, events, places, people—you get the idea! Email Achieving Perfect Synergy With the Sinergia Project: Better Together, Seattle's Caffe Ladro is recasting everything we know and love about the single-origin coffee concept, and creating something exceptional. Ladro CEO Jack Kelly found himself wondering what would happen if he paired two remarkable single-origins in pursuit of perfect coffee symmetry. "Bringing different flavors together to highlight the best attributes of each became the goal," he says. "I'd focus on sweetness, acidity, and body. When I hit high marks in each category, I found exponential benefit. A synergy had been achieved." The Sinergia Project's first release combines a double-washed combo of SL-28, SL-34, and Ruiru11 Kenya Kaumandi, with a washed blend of the same varieties from Kenya Ichamara, resulting in a cup with notes of Assam tea, lemongrass, and key lime. Follow the project online, or visit a Ladro café in person during the Global Specialty Coffee Expo in April. WCR's Arabica Coffee Catalog 2.0 is Here World Coffee Research just launched a major update to its Arabica Coffee Catalog, which includes—for the first time—varieties from six African countries (previously it only covered Central America). This groundbreaking expansion of information, available to view for free online (link below), also includes a significantly expanded introduction with a new history of Arabica's movement around the world; revised variety histories; and some fun new information. For example: Surprise! SL-34 is not a Bourbon-related variety as we all thought; DNA fingerprinting confirms it is actually a cousin of Typica! Engineering Students Take on Coffee Drying Coffee and college freshmen go hand-in-hand, sure, but the first-year engineering students at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, took it a whole lot further this past fall for their final projects in Professor Michael Hudoba's class. Dr. Mike, as his students call him, put his head together with friend Dave Eldridge of Columbus-headquartered Crimson Cup to develop a unique problem for the students to solve: Inspired by Dave's previous work building drying facilities in origin countries, Dave and Dr. Mike tasked the students with creating a consistent, economical, and energy-efficient solution to drying parchment coffee. Working in teams, students competed to create a machine that would dry the coffee to a specific moisture content and determine optimal rate of drying, all while ensuring the coffee was evenly and consistently mixed. "The consideration and planning the Otterbein students [brought to the project] rivals that of any experience I've had at origin," says Dave, who served as one of the judges. "Already Dr. Mike and I have been contacted by a grower in Africa who has conducted drying experiments similar to the one conducted by the Otterbein students." Dr. Mike couldn't be happier with the outcome. "Trial and error, learning from failures and mistakes, prototyping, technical communication, teamwork, etc., are all valuable things that only a project like this could teach them," he says. Wild Goose Supports Families in Need Wild Goose Coffee Roasters in the Southern California town of Redlands has quietly been donating 10 pounds of food for every pound of coffee sold for years. Having hit the major milestone of 1.5 million pounds of food donated to date, the microroaster is commemorating the feat with the release of the Iona Blend. "We see this blend as a celebration—a celebration of our café customers, retail partners, and individuals who, by purchasing Wild Goose Coffee, have provided over 1.5 million pounds of food to local families in need," says Wild Goose Owner Nathan Westwick, who named the blend after the Scottish island of Iona after being inspired by that community's rich history of philanthropy and goodwill. The Iona Blend was released February 21 and is available while supplies last. From le , Adam Stotler, Lorraine Burger, and Mitchell McClain constitute the winning team in O erbein University's coff ee-drying competition. 20 barista magazine

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